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Your trend forecast for tonight’s GOP debate

Today, on our country’s coast line, men and women are strutting their stuff to appeal to the public. They’re lining up today to show off the trends they think will stick with their audience this season. They’re hoping you think their ideas are inspired and haute couture, just for you.

No, we’re not talking about New York Fashion Week. We’re talking about the second Republican debate.

Tonight, the GOP candidates for president will take the stage, and if it’s anything like the last show, we should expect to see the candidates tackle issues that impact women far less gracefully than Candice Swanepoel handled herself this week.

Here’s your preview of the fall Republican women’s line, and we feel women will think it really missed the mark.

miranda watching preview

What’s the latest trend we should expect to see at the debate?

Defunding Planned Parenthood – even if that means shutting down the government.

This is the trend that GOP candidates for president are sporting this season. Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood provides lifesaving, affordable health care for millions of people of all income levels across the country, each GOP candidate thinks it’s “in” to take that health care away from women and men.

A similar look? Shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood. Trendsetter Donald Trump fully supports shutting down the government over funding for Planned Parenthood. And don’t forget about the candidates who are knocking off this twisted trend like a Phooey Vuitton purse. Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and Rand Paul have all voiced support for the strategy to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood.

But someone call the fashion police because these candidates’ views completely clash with the American public – seventy one percent of whom wants to avoid shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood funding.

miranda non


Who is leading the runway tonight?

Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is leading the runway tonight, with soaring polling numbers that would even make Christian Louboutin’s Sky High line jealous. During the last debate, we were reminded of Donald Trump’s rhetoric towards women, which was even more horrifying than Britney and Justin’s denim getup at the 2001 VMAs. Trump has called women pigs and slobs, and he used sexist language toward the moderator Megyn Kelly. This is the same candidate who referred to immigrants as rapists, insulted John McCain for his military service, and wants to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood.

Reminder: RNC Chair Reince Preibus has said he thinks Donald Trump’s candidacy is a “net positive for everybody.”


Who are they wearing?

Todd Akin.

You might remember Todd Akin from 2012 – the guy who made some pretty controversial statements about rape when he ran for Senate in Missouri. Well, Todd Akin’s talking points are being worn this season by GOP candidates for president like Marco Rubio and Scott Walker.

Here’s Marco Rubio sporting the most memorable Akin trend after the last debate:

rubio debate

And it’s not just Rubio. Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee also agree with Todd Akin that women shouldn’t be allowed to have an abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. Walker doubled down on that look during the last debate, too. Not OK.

walker debate

Frankly – we wouldn’t be surprised if more candidates wear Akin tonight.


What vintage looks are making a comeback this season, and will they appear at the debate?

Actually, you can expect to see an entirely vintage line at the debate tonight. The GOP candidates’ policies that impact women are all inspired by styles from decades past:

miranda florals

  • Opposing the right to choose. You guessed it – every single GOP candidate on the main runway is anti-choice. This is a totally dated look since Roe v. Wade was decided in the early 1970s
  • Repealing the Affordable Care Act. If we repeal the Affordable Care Act, we’d go back to a time when insurance companies could treat being a woman as a pre-existing condition. A repeal of the Affordable Care Act would also prevent women from accessing affordable health care, receiving new pregnancy benefits, and access to free preventive care. The ACA was passed in 2010, which made giving insurance companies the upper hand a thing of the past, just like peasant tops and layered tanks
  • Opposing paid leave requirements. Paid family and sick leave helps women and men support their families, allowing them to continue to earn money while caring for a newborn child or a family member who’s sick. Maybe that’s why the American people overwhelmingly support paid sick leave and paid parental leave. Our country’s paid leave law, the Family Medical Leave Act, went into effect in 1993 – right around the time jelly shoes started becoming a thing.

Bottom line: the trend forecast for this debate looks pretty bleak. Vintage is the only thing that’s in for these candidates, while forward looking policies for women, like pay equity and support for the minimum wage, are apparently out of style. And that’s not a good look for anyone.

miranda thats all



- Kaylie Hanson, DNC Director of Women’s Media

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