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What they’re saying about tonight’s #DemDebate

No name calling. No screaming over each other. And zero talk about hand sizes or other body parts. Unlike what we saw just three nights ago when the Republican candidates embarrassed themselves at their Detroit debate, tonight both our Democratic candidates held a serious and substantive discussion in Flint about the issues that matter most to people across the country – from gun violence to ensuring everyone in America gets a fair shot.

For instance, whereas Republicans answered only one question on the #FlintWaterCrisis at their last debate and then quickly moved on, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton spent a significant amount of time talking about how the story of Flint is the story of too many families in America who aspire to climb the economic ladder but have been weighed down by low-quality schools, the high cost of higher education, unhealthy levels of pollution, poor access to health care, and crumbling infrastructure.

But don’t take our word for it – see what others have been saying about the contrast:

@NickKristof: Wow! Imagine! A presidential debate that focuses more on child health than on genital size! There’s hope! #DemDebate

@marinafang: Once again, the contrast between the GOP and Democratic debates is just astounding. This is a civil discussion about an important issue.

@davidaxelrod: Heated exchanges, raised voices snippy moments-but so far a heck of a lot more civil that @GOP events. #DemDebate

@FOX2News: #DemDebate has spent 15 minutes on #FlintWaterCrisis already. #GOPDebate had one question.

@rickklein: “excuse me, I’m talking” counts as a sharp #DemDebate exchange. In a GOP debate, that would be about the nicest thing said to a rival.

@nxthompson: GOP debate: lie, penis, little Marco, failed, disavow, breathe

Dem debate: TPP, NAFTA, TARP, Brady Bill, ACA

@thederekminor: This #DemDebate is pretty civil compared to the Trump show.

@BenjySarlin: As a reporter on GOP side, It’s adorable that the OMG moment on D side is Bernie Sanders getting mildly annoyed at being interrupted

@CandaceSmith_: Still never ceases to amaze me how race is always discussed at Dem debates and so infrequently with GOP ones

@asmith83: A conversation about white privilege on a debate stage v. dick jokes on a debate stage.

@TreyPollard_SC: Close your eyes for a second and imagine a world where the GOP field was asked about their “racial blindspots” #DemDebate

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