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What they’re saying about tonight’s #DemDebate

With each debate on the campaign trail, one thing becomes increasingly clear — there is an enormous gap in substance between the Republican and Democratic field. Tonight in Miami, our candidates debated with the seriousness and depth of knowledge that voters deserve. From immigration, to health care and job creation, the Democratic candidates discussed the issues that matter most to the American people. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have shown they have the priorities that match the values of the electorate and stand to drive our country forward.

Take a look for yourself at what people are saying:

@tripgabriel: Really, hearing D’s talk about Latino immigrants after months of Trump & Cruz is like being in two different countries.

@frankluntz: What a difference: the Democrats wait their turn; the Republicans yell over each other. I hope the GOP candidates are watching. #DemDebate

@woodruffbets: I love this debate

@ElizLanders: This is pretty amazing: watching a @Univision reporter live-translate a presidential candidate’s response to a questioner at a debate

@SalHernandez: Question from Guatemalan woman during debate whose husband was deported is a powerful REAL moment for the debate on immigration

@NoahCRothman: Every Trump-voting sequestered conservative should be forced to watch this debate to see what the alternative to Republicanism really is.

@ClaraJeffery: This is about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times more substantive than all the GOP debates combined.

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