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What people are saying about Trump’s darkest immigration speech to date

Donald Trump has never softened his position on immigration, and last night he proved that once again. Check out what people are saying about his darkest speech yet – a speech that white supremacists loved and that has forced Hispanic Trump surrogates to reconsider their support of the GOP nominee.

CBS: Donald Trump traveled to Mexico yesterday after days of questions about his hardline immigration policy and then he came back to the U.S. and threw aside any idea of the softer stance. This morning’s opinion pages in three major newspapers highlight how Trump’s position on immigration is unchanged…

ABC: If you were expecting Donald Trump to soften his position on immigration, you were dead wrong. After sounding diplomatic here in Mexico, he went on to present as hard a line on the issue as he ever has…

NBC: This morning already reaction now to Donald Trump’s tough talk on immigration. Some of his most conservative supporters are applauding what sounded like a speech Trump might have given during the primaries, but even some of Trump’s own surrogates on Hispanic issues now say they feel disappointed…

CNN: (Former Trump Supporter Alfonso Aguilar): I was totally disappointed, not surprised, but disappointed, and slightly misled, because he gave the impression and the campaign gave the impression until yesterday morning that he was going to deal with the undocumented in a compassionate way. And in that speech, he’s basically saying, we deport you or we self-deport you. It’s even worse than what he initially proposed, so today I’m saying, not only am I not — I’m considering withdrawing my support, I’m telling you today, I’m withdrawing my support from Donald Trump, and it’s not only me. Many like me think the same way.

CNN headline: Trump on immigration: No amnesty, no pivot

New York Times headline: Donald Trump, Far From Softening, Lays Out Tough Immigration Plans

Bloomberg headline: Donald Trump Affirms Nativist Immigration Vision in Fiery Speech

Business Insider headline: ‘Our last chance’: Trump doubles-down on primary-season immigration rhetoric in hardline speech

Mother Jones headline: Donald Trump Just Gave His Most Extreme Immigration Speech Yet

NBC News: … Shouting his remarks to a fired-up crowd in Arizona, which has been home to some of the most contentious immigration policy fights of the last decade, Trump pledged a maximal approach that would target every undocumented immigrant in the country without mercy. “There will be no amnesty,” Trump said. “Our message to the world will be this: You cannot obtain legal status or become a citizen of the United States by illegally entering our country.”

Politico: After playing at diplomacy in Mexico following two weeks of muddled messaging on his signature issue, Donald Trump shed any pretense of a softer message or general election “pivot” with a declaration of his fealty to the hardline positions and inflammatory rhetoric that propelled him to the Republican nomination.

Washington Post: In Arizona on Wednesday night, Donald Trump proclaimed to his hardcore base what he did not have the nerve to say to Mexico’s president. He reverted to red meat and angry rhetoric on immigration. In that regard, he is a typical bully — brave only from a distance… In short, there was no pivot, no attempt to broaden his base. He remains a prisoner of his own hateful rhetoric and his adoring fans.

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