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Welcome to the ReTrumplican party, NRSC!

Yesterday, we learned that the NRSC has been encouraging their party’s senatorial candidates to embrace Donald Trump’s outrageous and offensive tactics on the campaign trail by “grab[bing] onto the best elements of [his] anti-Washington populist agenda.”

To that we’d like to say: welcome to the ReTrumplican party, NRSC!

Embracing Republican front runner Donald Trump is nothing new for the GOP presidential candidates, or for the RNC chairman, who called Trump’s candidacy, “a net positive for everybody.” For months now, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and other GOP candidates have been taking pages out of Trump’s book and imitating his offensive antics, language, and policies.

The similarities between Donald Trump and his fellow candidates are numerous, see for yourself. And with the NRSC’s tacit endorsement of Trump, we can only expect to see this list grow, and grow, and grow…

Opposed to raising the minimum wage? Supports raising the minimum wage?
Donald Trump XDonald Trump wants to keep the minimum wage where it is now.
Jeb Bush XJeb Bush suggested there should be no federal minimum wage at all.
Ted Cruz XTed Cruz claimed that the “minimum wage consistently hurts the most vulnerable.”
Chris Christie XChris Christie said he was “tired of hearing about the minimum wage.”
John Kasich XJohn Kasich said: “I kind of think the minimum wage should rest at the state level.”
Marco Rubio XMarco Rubio said it’s a “waste of time.”


Thinks immigrants should be second class citizens? Supports comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship?
Donald Trump XDonald Trump believes in mass deportation, dismisses a full and equal path to citizenship.
Jeb Bush XJeb Bush doesn’t believe in a full and equal path to citizenship for immigrant families.
Ted Cruz XTed Cruz opposed comprehensive immigration reform and opposes a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
Chris Christie XChris Christie not once but twice called for the reexamination of the 14th Amendment, or “birthright citizenship.”
John Kasich XJohn Kasich doesn’t believe in a full and equal path to citizenship for immigrant families.
Marco Rubio XMarco Rubio ran away from comprehensive immigration reform after feeling political pressure from the Tea Party base and has been pandering to the Republican Party’s anti-immigrant fringe by embracing a border security comes first approach.


Defund Planned Parenthood, undermine women’s health access? Standing up for women and their health care needs?
Donald Trump XSupports shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood funding.
Jeb Bush XWants to defund Planned Parenthood, doubts value of federal funding for women’s health.
Ted Cruz XTed Cruz has been at the forefront in the fight to defund Planned Parenthood.
Chris Christie XVetoed Planned Parenthood funding numerous times as governor.
John Kasich XAs governor, John Kasich’s budgets have made it more difficult for family planning groups to obtain funding for preventative care, and he required unnecessary ultrasounds for women seeking abortions.
Marco Rubio XWants to defund Planned Parenthood and is opposed to all abortions—even for women who are survivors of rape or incest.


Advocating slashing education funding? Wants to preserve important investments in education?
Donald Trump XWhen Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign, he made cutting the Department of Education a focus of his speech.
Jeb Bush XWhile running for governor, Jeb Bush wanted to abolish the Florida Department of Education.
Ted Cruz XTed Cruz thinks that the Department of Education is “unnecessary.”
Chris Christie XIn New Jersey, Chris Christie slashed state education aid by more than $1 billion.
John Kasich XJohn Kasich slashed nearly $2 billion from Ohio’s public schools.
Marco Rubio XMarco Rubio doesn’t even think we need to have a Department of Education.


Wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act? Wants to keep the ACA which provides quality, affordable insurance to millions?
Donald Trump X
Jeb Bush X
Ted Cruz X
Chris Christie X
John Kasich X
Marco Rubio X



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