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WATCH: “I think it sucked” – Michiganders react to GOP debate response to Flint

Last night, the Republicans held their presidential debate in Detroit, and it was a far cry of anything that exemplified leadership. The candidates spent more time on stage insulting each other than they did discussing the Flint water crisis or the children suffering from lead poisoning in the state. Republicans simply ignored the topic for the overwhelming majority of the debate – even though Flint is just 66 miles from the debate stage.

But this isn’t just about responding to a crisis – this is about smart government helping solve problems, finding solutions and taking care of its people. When asked, Marco Rubio, who at first didn’t know the Flint water crisis was even happening, went so far to as to defend Rick Sydner for his response –even after Synder admitted to knowing about the problem and failed to act accordingly.

Watch to see what Michiganders have to say about this despicable response from the GOP:


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