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Voters waited in line for hours in Wisconsin, just as the GOP intended

Last night, Wisconsin Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman “accidentally” told the truth about Wisconsin’s voter ID law – a burdensome law that disproportionately impacts minority and young voters.

Their secret is out: it’s meant to help Republicans win elections.

MILWAUKEE — In comments made to TODAY’S TMJ4′s Charles Benson on election night, U.S. congressman Glenn Grothman (R-Campbellsport) said he thinks Wisconsin’s new voter ID law will help the eventual GOP nominee win in the state.

Grothman’s response came as Benson asked him about the GOP’s poor performance across recent presidential contests in the state.

“You know that a lot of Republicans, since 1984 in the presidential races, have not been able to win in Wisconsin,” Benson said. “Why would it be any different for Ted Cruz, or a Donald Trump?”

Grothman said “now we have photo ID, and I think photo ID is gonna make a little bit of a difference as well.”

With long lines across Wisconsin last night, the GOP plan to restrict access to the ballot box by making it harder to vote – especially for younger Americans who are more likely to vote Democratic – was alive and well.

See some of the coverage below:

Heavy turnout seen across state, some long lines at polls

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Students faced difficulties in registering to vote at the polls and in meeting the state’s new requirement that voters show a valid photo ID. ”There were just a lot of challenges for students to meet the proof of residency requirement (for registration) and meeting the photo ID requirement,” Albrecht said.


In Wisconsin, struggle for voting rights justice goes on

Chicago Sun Times

In Wisconsin, voter suppression laws were passed by a conservative Republican legislature despite the fact that there was no evidence of voter fraud to justify them. The legislature seemed intent on passing the most restrictive laws. They passed the whole passel of conservative model laws and invented a few more. The laws were challenged in court, but the Supreme Court refused to review a lower court decision leaving them in place.


Wisconsin Students Face Hour-Long Voting Lines, Voter ID Confusion


Students who did not have a Wisconsin driver’s license or passport had to wait in yet another line to acquire a voter ID, since Wisconsin’s law does not accept student IDs issued by most of the schools colleges and universities.


Long lines remain even after polls close at 8


Polls are officially closed in Wisconsin, but there are numerous reports around the state of people still standing in long lines. At U.W.-Green Bay, we’re told some students waited 2 hours to vote. Candy and water were being handed out to people waiting.

An elections official on the site tells our Ellery McCardle a lot of new voters and the Voter ID law are two of the reasons lines are so long.


Election turnout robust despite some confusion over new photo ID requirement

LaCrosse Tribune

Senior Max Rosenberg, from Washington, D.C., said that between picking up a voter ID and going to his polling place on Langdon Street, it took him about an hour to vote — more time than it took when he voted in the 2012 presidential election.

Several poll workers near UW and around Madison reported turning away voters who didn’t have the right ID, telling them to go to the student ID office or a state Division of Motor Vehicles service center. “A lot of people with out-of-state IDs were struggling, and not just college students,” McDonell said.


‘Desperate times for democracy’ in Wisconsin


Alfonzo Noble, a senior at Madison West High School, was excited to vote in this year’s Wisconsin primaries — but his state’s strict voter ID law posed a problem. Without a driver’s license, Noble would need to get a special voter ID card at the DMV, about 45-minutes away by bus. And for that, he’d have to provide his birth certificate, his social security card, proof of his address, and even documentation of his name change after he was adopted.


Bill Berry: Voter suppression alive and well in Wisconsin

The Cap Times

This is election week, and while big media will tell us about the winners and losers on the ballot in Wisconsin, it will say little about the losers at the polls: disenfranchised Wisconsin citizens who were turned away. The traditionally light state primary in February produced dozens of such reports. Elsewhere, voter suppression laws in states like Arizona led to long lines of voters kept waiting for hours because the number of polling places was slashed.


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