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Veterans: Secretary Clinton is Ready to Lead, Trump is Unfit and Unqualified to be President

Today, ahead of tonight’s IAVA Forum, Representative Ruben Gallego, Representative Ted Lieu, and former Major General Donna Barbisch – three veterans – held a media call to draw a contrast between Hillary Clinton’s steady and experienced leadership and Donald Trump, whose recklessness and lack of foreign policy knowledge would make our country and troops less safe.

Our veterans deserve a president who will honor their service and is fully committed to ensuring their access to quality health care, education and other benefits earned by their service. Time and time again, Trump has shown that he lacks the judgment and temperament to serve as Commander-in-Chief. Today, these veterans set the record straight about how Trump’s actions stand to target those who have sacrificed their lives for our country.

Please find excerpts from the call below:

“We have a very stark choice in this election. On one hand we have someone with an even temperament who has the experience necessary to be Commander-in-Chief, and someone who is divisive, dangerous, extreme, and untested,” said Congressman Ruben Gallego. “I cannot express enough to my friends and to my fellow Iraq and Afghanistan veterans what a threat Trump is. He is not ready to be president, he is not ready to be on the world stage, and he would cause us a lot more pain as a nation.”

“It’s very important for our Commander-in-Chief and our President to have an even temperament, judgment, and experience. Not only does Hillary Clinton have those traits, she has gained them from the experience of serving as Secretary of State, from being in those critical decision making meetings, and from negotiating on incredibly important foreign policy agreements, cease fires, and other decisions. She is extremely fit not only to be our President, but to be our Commander-in-Chief,” said Congressman Lieu.

“Hillary Clinton understands that military engagement is the last resort when diplomacy has failed. She’s been the nation’s top diplomat. She knows this – she’s a collaborator. She’s someone who understands the responsibilities of Commander-in-Chief,” said retired Major General Donna Barbisch. “The president is the individual responsible for putting our young men and women, our soldiers, our sailors, our airmen, and marines in harm’s way. Donald Trump has told us everything we need to know about how unqualified he is. This man can put our sons and daughters in terrible peril. I’m extremely concerned Trump will not take the responsibilities of Commander-in-Chief seriously.”

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