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VAWA Takes Center Stage for the GOP

As recent events show, the Republican Party is in crisis and the right wing is winning. John Kasich, who twice supported the Violence Against Women Act – a sensible law with broad bipartisan support – is distancing himself from his own super PAC after it correctly criticized his GOP rival, Marco Rubio, for voting against the law. WATCH THE AD HERE.

What’s shocking here is not just Rubio’s extreme stand against a bill that supports victims of domestic violence, it’s also that Kasich is afraid to take a stand against his own party’s shift to the extreme right.

In addition to Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul also voted against the bill, along with 19 of their Republican colleagues. Paul even called the legislation “controversial” because it expanded protections for same-sex couples and immigrants.

While these three particular candidates failed to support this life-saving legislation, other GOP candidates have equally troubling records when it comes to protecting women and fighting for equality. Carson questioned whether violence against women was a widespread issue and Christie vetoed legislation that would alert survivors of domestic violence if an abuser with a restraining order was nearby. Just over the weekend, Donald Trump was accused of gender-based workplace discrimination. And Kasich himself opposes guaranteeing equal pay and worked to take women’s health choices away as Governor of Ohio.

As moderates are silenced or chased out of the Republican Party, and as their presidential candidates fall over themselves to out-Trump each other, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: the Republican nominee is going to turn back the clock on the progress of the last seven years.

“Democrats remain committed to preventing violence against women and extending support to those who have survived these crimes, but all three Republican senators running for president voted against such protections. Any Republican candidate who is too extreme to support the Violence Against Women Act has absolutely no place in the White House.” – Christina Freundlich, DNC spokeswoman

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