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Twitter Roundup on Tonight’s GOP Debate: Houston, Republicans Have a Problem

Tonight’s debate didn’t fundamentally change anything, but it exposed major problems for Republicans, regardless of which extreme candidate makes it to November.

When you compare the extremism of the Republican Party to the serious, substantive, and strong vision Democratic candidates have for building on the progress we’ve made over the last 7 years, it’s clear we have to elect a Democrat as our 45th President.

In the words of Lindsey Graham, “my party has gone batshit crazy.”

See what people are saying:

@JohnJHarwood: stop and think about a taunting schoolyard brawl like this in a race for president of the United States

@JamesPindell: I need a beer. #GOPDebate

@BBCJonSopel: Wow #GOPDebate getting vicious. Hugely enjoyable like mud wrestling, but is this what future leadership of free world looks like?

@BrianTruitt: No one responds to Carson because no one knows what he’s talking about.No one responds to Carson because no one knows what he’s talking about. #GOPDebate

@mattyglesias: Rubio’s really going to stick it to trust fund babies like Trump by eliminating all taxes on inheritance & investment income.

@levinecarrie: Wow. This is like a giant convention of oppo researchers all screaming at once.

@NickConfessore: We are now seriously debating whether Trump will somehow find a way to force a foreign government to pay for a gigantic wall.

@AJentleson: This debate is boring and doesn’t matter because none of these geniuses bothered to attack Trump until he’d won 3 of the first 4 states.

@billyeichner: I (almost) feel bad for Republicans that these are their options.

@lrozen: rubio has lots of critiques of what others do, but am unclear what he is going to do, on syria, or much else. he is not a doer

@murphymike: This is what GOP losing WH looks like,

@kenvogel: What is happening?

@sahilkapur: ~what is happening~

@JessicaTaylor: What is happening???

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