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Try not to cringe watching Jim Risch “endorse” Ted Cruz

Last night, Republican Senator Jim Risch of Idaho became the latest member of the Lose With Cruz movement in one of the most awkward “endorsements” ever.


Wolf Blitzer: “So far you’re only, I think, by our count, the third Senator – Republican Senator —  who now effectively on this program has come out and endorsed Cruz. Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee, your colleagues, they have, but I haven’t seen a whole lot…”

Senator Risch: “Did I just endorse, Wolf?”

Wolf Blitzer: “I don’t know, you sort of said you prefer him over the other two. That sounds like an endorsement, doesn’t it?”

Senator Risch: “I guess it depends on your definition.”

With friends like these…

Let’s cut to the chase, folks: there’s just not that much excitement at all for Ted Cruz being the Republican nominee. As a reminder, Lindsey Graham has said that the Texas Senator was his “15th choice” and that the choice between him and Donald Trump was like “being shot or poisoned” (to remove all doubt, Graham eventually made it clear that Cruz was the poison).

“Senator Risch’s endorsement, if you can call it that, tells you all you need to know about Ted Cruz. He is so despised that even his fellow hyper-partisan extremists in the U.S. Senate have to hold their nose when they endorse him. What an embarrassment for the Republican Party that their primary contest has come down to Tea Party Ted, whose sole accomplishment is shutting down the government and costing our economy $24 billion, and Dangerous Donald Trump. Neither will be our next President.” – DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda