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Trump’s Disastrous Ideas for the Economy

On Monday, Donald Trump will give a speech at the Detroit Economic Club that will again demonstrate he is unfit for the presidency and would be a disaster for hard-working Americans. Trump’s me-first economic ideas and business record make him a real threat to working families’ economic stability and our country’s economic strength. Americans deserve better than a Trump administration that could cost them their jobs, their savings, and their homes.

  • Trump’s half-baked economic ideas would push America towards a recession and would reduce employment by 3.4 million jobs.
  • Trump supports tax cuts that would be a major handout to those at the top. In fact, two-thirds of Trump’s tax cuts would go to the top fifth of American taxpayers. And Trump’s plan would add $34 trillion to our national debt over the next two decades, rolling back the progress we’ve made over the last 7 years.
  • Trump has said that “wages are too high” and he wants to get rid of the minimum wage altogether, all while his tax plan provides billionaires like himself with an average of 1.3 million dollars a year.
  • Trump’s trade and immigration policies would increase the prices of labor and goods—and could contribute to a recession in 2018.


Trump often cites his business experience when discussing his effectiveness in the Oval Office, yet his record is marred by numerous failures in judgment:

  • Trump’s business history in Atlantic City includes multiple bankruptcies and job losses while making sure to walk away with millions.
  • He rooted for a collapse of the housing market, which would eventually result in millions of Americans losing their homes.
  • Trump claims that he will stand up for workers, but instead he outsourced production of his shirts, ties, and suits to countries like China and Mexico.


Trump’s economic ideas and business record show clearly that he would be a disaster for America. He has consistently shown that he puts himself and the interests of those like himself ahead of what’s best for hard-working Americans

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