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TrumpCare? Nah, we’ll stick with the law that just helped 20 million Americans get coverage



It’s easy to see why every candidate in last night’s GOP debate said they would back Donald Trump as the Republican nominee – just look at the health care “plan” Trump released this week. It’s essentially just a rehash of vague, tired, and false talking points we’ve been hearing from the Republican Party for years.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the Affordable Care Act has delivered health care to 20 million Americans, including to one man who voted against the President twice, but praised him yesterday for fighting to pass the law in this heart-wrenching letter.

But Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP clown car of presidential candidates would take it all away.

For months, Trump has been classified as an “outsider” who is executing a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, but his health care “plan” shows that he’s just another Republican politician obsessed with taking people’s healthcare away.

Read what others are saying about Trump’s health care “plan” –

LA Times: Trump promised a ‘beautiful’ healthcare plan, but it’s pretty basic

Donald Trump has at various times promised a healthcare plan that would be “beautiful,” “terrific” and “unbelievable.”

But the healthcare outline his campaign released Wednesday mostly highlights standard, if vague, Republican proposals, several of which conservatives themselves say will have little impact on patients’ health or their pocketbooks.”

CNN: Trump’s health care plan: What he promises and what it really says

“Over the past few months, he said he wants to protect people with pre-existing conditions and likes the individual mandate requiring everyone to get health insurance. He also said he supports letting Medicare negotiate drug prices and wants to prevent people from dying in the street.

“But the seven-point health care plan released by the GOP frontrunner on Wednesday largely looks like it was taken straight out of a Republican playbook.”

NYT: Donald Trump’s Talk on Health Care Is Not Matched by His Plan

“When Donald Trump talks about health care, he sounds as if he wants to do something different from the rest of the Republican field. But his health care plan, released Wednesday night, looks a lot like what his competitors have already presented.

“Now we have a document outlining the policies Mr. Trump would like to enact. The plan is pretty sketchy (although not in comparison with his rivals), with seven bullet points and a few surrounding paragraphs of additional policy idea. But they mostly look like Republican boilerplate. He would repeal Obamacare in its entirety — including the provision that protects Americans with pre-existing conditions, and the provision that extended Medicaid coverage to low-income Americans in many states.”

AP: Does Trump Have a Health Care Plan? Does it Matter?

“Donald Trump’s evolving ideas on health care do not amount to a full plan, and some proposals could mean new political and policy dilemmas for the Republican presidential front-runner and his party.

One Trump idea — allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices — puts him at odds with Republican congressional leaders who favor the current system of private benefit managers bargaining with drugmakers. It aligns Trump with Democrat Hillary Clinton, who also favors direct negotiation by Medicare.”

Forbes: The Most Important Thing About Donald Trump’s Health Reform Plan Is That Trump Didn’t Write It

“Last week at the Houston GOP presidential debate, Marco Rubio hammered Donald Trump on his ignorance of health care policy. “What is your plan, Mr. Trump?” asked Rubio. “The lines around the states,” Trump feebly responded. When Trump was asked if his plan had any other provisions, Trump said, “No, there’s nothing to add.” That embarrassing performance has led the Trump campaign to put out what now purports to be the official Donald Trump health reform plan. And all you need to know to understand this plan is that it bears little relation to the things Trump has actually said on healthcare.”

“…Debate failure led to a health reform rush job.”

WSJ: Donald Trump’s Health-Care Plan and Where the “Repeal and Replace” Slogan Falls Short

“The Republican front-runner’s proposal, released late Wednesday, would strike down the federal requirement that all Americans have health insurance or pay a penalty, a pillar of the ACA that Mr. Trump recently supported.”

“Throughout his campaign, Mr. Trump has argued that voters are more interested in his overarching message than the details of his policy proposals.”

Forbes: Trump’s Spasmodic Approach to Healthcare Reform Spares Rubio’s Plan A Harsh Judgment

“…Even though GOP front-runner Donald J. Trump posted those proposals on his web site last night (just in time for tonight’s GOP debate) Trump’s actual health care plan is a series of ignorant, incoherent, and self-contradictory verbal spasms.”

“…This isn’t a health reform plan. It’s a campaign operative copying and pasting a bunch of stuff from the around the web, without knowing what it means or even realizing that he’s describing current law. It shows Trump is as unserious about reforming health care as ever. He doesn’t have a plan. He has paroxysms.”


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