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Trump wants to see vets group tax records, but doesn’t want you to see his

After lying about how much was raised for veterans groups and whether or not it had been distributed, today Donald Trump said that at least one of the groups had not received funds because they had not turned over pertinent tax records. Trump said, “the check is ready to go but they don’t have all of their appropriate, in fact we have down here, ‘will be released to them upon the receipt of the IRS determination letter.’ … They have to give us that final document.”

“It’s more than ironic that Trump needs to see a group’s tax records before supporting their efforts, but is unwilling to show his own tax records before asking the American people to support his own bid for the White House. Donald Trump is the standard bearer for a double standard, and this type of ‘deal-making’ has no place in the White House.”– DNC National Press Secretary Mark Paustenbach



See below for a roundup of comments from across Twitter:

@morningmoneyben: Oh look! Trump likes vetting through IRS documents! (But only for vets groups not POTUS candidates.) #TrumpPressConference

@juddzeez: Donald Trump, who has yet to release his tax returns, mentions he’s waiting on IRS tax docs from from a veterans group before he donates.

@FlitterOnFraud: Trump said delay on distribution of $$$ for vets groups was bc of vetting. I asked if that meant looking at their tax returns. He said no.

@petermaer: #Trump says he awaits “IRS verification letter” before giving $ to 1 #veterans group. Speaking of IRS, when will he release his tax returns?

@OliviaNuzzi: The best evidence that Trump isn’t rich, more than not releasing his tax returns, is that he didn’t just donate more to vets to get to $6 m.

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