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Trump and Palin: This Is Your 2016 Republican Party

Today, the politician who said she could see Russia from her house endorsed the candidate who the British Parliament considered barring from their country.

The politician who said she was “all for” profiling Muslim-Americans endorsed the candidate who wants to ban all Muslim immigrants from entering the nation.

The former governor who quit her job endorsed the candidate whose businesses went bankrupt four times.

In other words, the Republican Party’s failed 2008 Vice Presidential nominee endorsed the Republican Party’s leading candidate for President in 2016.

“Even with a record number of candidates and internal calls to become more inclusive as a party, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin remain two of the GOP’s most influential leaders. Their divisive rhetoric is now peddled by everyone from Ted Cruz to Marco Rubio.  Americans deserve better than what Trump and Palin have to offer, but it seems like the other Republican candidates would rather follow in their footsteps.”—Mark Paustenbach, DNC Press Secretary

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