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Trump In His Own Words on Immigration

On CNN yesterday, Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said, “[Trump] hasn’t changed his position on immigration, he has changed the words that he is saying.”


All one has to do is look at his record to know that his position on immigration hasn’t changed. Trump has doubled down on his divisive rhetoric and dangerous policy ideas and reinforced that he would deport 16 million people. He has made demonizing immigrants the centerpiece of his campaign from day one.

Here is a look at what he’s said about immigration and about immigrants:

Just yesterday in an interview with Anderson Cooper, Trump ruled out a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants, sticking by his claim that he would force millions out of the country.

In November of 2015, Trump promised to build a “deportation force” to remove undocumented immigrants from the country. When asked about the “deportation force” earlier this week, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway did not back down from the idea.

Trump began his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals.

He has openly called for mass deportation for over a year.

He claimed a federal judge could not be impartial because of his Mexican heritage.

Trump used the offensive term “anchor baby” to describe American-born children of undocumented immigrants.

In 2013, Trump called immigration reform a “suicide mission” for Republicans.

Also in 2013, Donald Trump tweeted that the RNC was asking for a death wish by calling for comprehensive immigration reform.

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