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Top Dems Boost Down-ballot Races in the Final Days

The Buzz

With just about two weeks to go until Election Day, Democrats are focused on winning more than the White House – we’re working in all 50 states to elect Democrats up and down the ticket. Election experts and news outlets have started talking about Hillary Clinton’s work to support Democrats across the country and our potential for down-ballot success. This new push is in addition to support the DNC has already been providing to Senate and Congressional races. Last month, the DNC transferred a total of $5 million to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to fund critical GOTV, voter mobilization, and voter protection efforts.

 Here’s The Buzz:

On MSNBC, Kristen Welker talked about Hillary’s closing argument to voters:


Kristen Welker

On CBS this morning, Nancy Cordes reported on the Clinton campaign’s down-ballot push:


Nancy Cordes

On Morning Joe, Chris Jansing reported on good news for Dems in Nevada:


Chris Jansing

In Print:

CBS News: Hillary Clinton increasingly pitches down-ballot Democrats

As Clinton’s lead in national and swing-state polling continues to grow and she and her campaign look to expand the map heading toward Election Day, she and other top Democrats are beginning to talk less about Donald Trump and more about candidates further down the ballot.

Post Politics

Washington Post: In Pittsburgh, Clinton turns focus to down-ballot races, slams GOP Sen. Pat Toomey

PITTSBURGH — Hillary Clinton turned her attention to a critical down-ballot contest that could help determine control of the Senate, sharply criticizing the incumbent Republican senator for failing to distance himself from Donald Trump.

Fox News: Clinton campaigns for downballot Democrats in campaign’s final days

Clinton told reporters on her plane in Pittsburgh that she does plan to focus more on helping other Democrats. The move shows her growing confidence in her own race and her hope that Democrats recapture the Senate.

Politico: Obama endorses all the way down ballot

After watching the GOP make large gains in statehouses during his presidency, Obama is making a last-gasp attempt to build his party from the bottom up. President Barack Obama will make a late splash into races for state senate and assembly over the next week, endorsing roughly 150 candidates across 20 states.

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