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This Week On The Campaign Trail

 Yesterday, the July jobs report showed that 15 million private sector jobs have been created since early 2010, with 255,000 jobs created in the last month alone – more proof that Democratic leadership in the White House is the right choice to keep our economy growing.Happy Birthday, President Obama!

The strong jobs report wasn’t the only milestone Democrats celebrated this week. Thursday marked President Obama’s final birthday as Commander-in-Chief,  a reminder of just how far we’ve come over the course of his Presidency. In the six months before President Obama took office, the stock market lost half its value, and millions of Americans lost their jobs, homes and savings. Since then, in addition to the extraordinary record of job creation during his tenure, we’ve cut the deficit by nearly three-quarters and more than 20 million Americans now have access to health care under the Affordable Care Act. To give President Obama the greatest birthday gift of all, let’s head to the polls this November and fight to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.


Voting Rights Act Anniversary

Today marks the 51st anniversary of a profound victory for democracy – the Voting Rights Act. When it became law it abolished the longstanding barriers between people of color and the ballot box. Since then, the face of politics and power in the United States has changed dramatically as millions of formerly disenfranchised voters finally gained a voice. Recently though, conservative legislatures across the country have launched a new assault on the right to vote with new laws designed to keep voters away on election day. But Democrats are fighting back. We believe that our nation and our democracy are stronger when more people participate in our election. That’s why we will continue to protect the gains we’ve made over the past 51 years and continue the fight to expand access to the ballot box for all Americans.

Director Morell’s Op-Ed on Trump

Analysts have been discussing former acting CIA Director Michael Morell’s op-ed in yesterday’s New York Times, in which he argued that “Donald J. Trump is not only unqualified for the job” of president but “may well pose a threat to our national security.”

  • CNN’s Jim Scuitto noted, for example, that lower level intelligence officials are “concerned” about the “bigger picture national security situation” when it comes to Donald Trump.
  • CNN National Security Analyst Juliette Kayyem said, “the focus has been is [he] someone who would be secure in the position of controlling America’s national security and your seeing that from a bipartisan perspective now. Real questions now about whether his sanity and stability are worthy of the presidency.”
  • On MSNBC, columnist David Ignatius observed that every day, Donald Trump finds some way to show, “temperamentally he’s just not the right person” to lead our country.

Trump’s Disastrous Ideas for the Economy

On Monday, Donald Trump will give a speech at the Detroit Economic Club that will again demonstrate he is unfit for the presidency and would be a disaster for hard-working Americans. Trump’s me-first economic ideas and business record make him a real threat to working families’ economic stability and our country’s economic strength.

  • Trump’s half-baked economic ideas would push America towards a recession and would reduce employment by 3.4 million jobs.
  • Trump’s trade and immigration policies would increase the prices of labor and goods—and could contribute to a recession in 2018.

Trump often cites his business experience when discussing his effectiveness in the Oval Office, yet his record is marred by numerous failures in judgment:

  • Trump’s business history in Atlantic City includes multiple bankruptcies and job losses while making sure to walk away with millions.
  • Trump claims that he will stand up for workers, but instead he outsourced production of his shirts, ties, and suits to countries like China and Mexico.

Trump’s economic ideas and business record show clearly that he would be a disaster for America. He has consistently shown that he puts himself and the interests of those like him ahead of what’s best for hard-working Americans.

Trump is Still Opposed to Raising the Federal Minimum Wage

As Democrats celebrated the president’s birthday together, Donald Trump left his supporters with little to cheer about. From disparaging a Gold Star family, to kicking a baby out of a campaign rally, and refusing to endorse the highest-ranking member of his own party, Trump has once again shown that he has neither the temperament, nor the judgment to be commander-in-chief.

When asked whether the federal minimum wage should be eliminated, Trump proved yet again that he does not put the needs of hardworking Americans first. On Monday, Trump tripled down on his opposition to raising the minimum wage by saying he likes “the idea of states determining the minimum wage.” Remember when Trump argued that “wages are too high” and reiterated that the minimum wage should not be raised?

Trump’s increasingly erratic, divisive and dangerous behavior just won’t cut it. Looking toward November, Democrats will work tirelessly to elect the Clinton-Kaine ticket and build on the hard-won progress of the last seven years. There’s no going back.

Important Polls

  • According to a poll conducted by Gallup polling, 51 percent of Americans said the Republican National Convention made them less likely to vote for Trump. In fact, the RNC marked the first time more voters came away from a convention less likely to vote for the party’s nominee than they were to support him or her.
  • According to a poll conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal, 51 percent of voters have a negative view of the Republican Party

From the States

As November 8th quickly approaches, Democrats are coming together in cities and towns across the country to rally for a brighter future and to hold Republicans up and down the ballot accountable for their divisive and dangerous policies.

Below is a sampling of the events from this week:


DPNM Slams Pearce After He Defends Trump’s Comments on Gold Star Family – New Mexico Democratic Party

Michigan Republicans Refuse to Condemn Trump for Attacking a Gold Star Family - Michigan Democratic Party

Republican Bill Bryant Refuses to Criticize Trump for Disparaging Gold Star Families - Washington Democratic Party

Virginia Gubernatorial and Congressional Candidates Still Refuses to Condemn Trump for Comments About a Family From Their Home State  - Virginia Democratic Party

Iowa Republicans Must Condemn Donald Trump’s Criticism of Ghazala Khan, Mother of a Fallen Soldier – Iowa Democratic Party

Deafening Silence from Isakson & Perdue on Trump’s Latest Veterans Attacks - Georgia Democratic Party

Ayotte’s Support For Trump Leads to Dip In Polls, Trump Repays The Favor with New Hampshire Visit - New Hampshire Democratic Party

Bartlett, Strimling Host Press Conference on Trump Visit to Maine – Maine Democratic Party

Texas Democrats Leave National Convention Ready to Fight – Texas Democratic Party

Articles, Videos, and Op-Eds

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