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This Week on the Campaign Trail

Today’s jobs report showed that under President Obama, our unemployment is the lowest its been since 2007 and we have now had 75 straight months of private-sector job growth – the longest stretch on record. We still have more work ahead to expand opportunity for all Americans and ensure wages grow to meet the needs of hard-working families, but this is progress that the American people can be proud of. Unfortunately, that progress is under attack by Donald Trump, who puts his own interests above all else.

Trump U: When Trump Won and Students Lost

That’s what we saw this week with new revelations about his for-profit, never-licensed school, ‘Trump University.’ Trump U is under investigation for scamming thousands of Americans, including some of the most vulnerable, cheating them out of their hard earned savings. Newly released documents show that Trump helped devise the marketing strategy for the “school,” and that he knowingly took advantage of hardworking Americans, including veterans and seniors for his own benefit. The New York Times revealed that the documents “portray it as an unscrupulous business” that “employed unqualified instructors, made deceptive claims and exploited vulnerable students willing to pay tens of thousands for Mr. Trump’s insights.” Even Republican leaders have acknowledged that Trump U as a fraud. Trump’s fraudulent university is yet another reminder that we have to keep his poor judgment out of the White House. See prominent Republicans hammer Trump over his scam:


Trump’s Latest Racist Rant

It doesn’t end there. In a racist rant today, Trump attacked the judge presiding over the lawsuit against Trump U, spewing dismissive and derisive comments about the judge’s ethnic heritage. Trump can try to distract all he wants from the fraud he carried out but the unabashed racism and deep animosity he holds toward Hispanic-Americans only further disqualifies him from being a presidential candidate.


Discredited on Vets Donations

Even a Navy Veteran came forward about his negative experience with Trump University. But Trump’s poor treatment of Veterans doesn’t end there. His donations to veterans organizations were also discredited. What was his excuse? He wanted to see veterans groups tax records, but still doesn’t want you to see his. And remember, Trump also bashed POWs like Senator John McCain, and actually compared his own womanizing to military service. Disgraceful.


Speaker Ryan’s Half-Hearted Endorsement

Yesterday, Paul Ryan finally endorsed his party’s nominee. Just weeks ago, Ryan refused to endorse Trump, saying it was time to set aside bullying and belittlement. But with a tepid, halfhearted endorsement, Ryan backed away from his own criticisms of Trump’s dangerous, divisive campaign, bowed down, kissed the ring, and conceded that, yes, Trump is indeed the leader of the Republican Party. So which side of the Ryan flip-flop was more forceful, his denunciations, or his endorsement? Judge for yourself:


Important Polls

  • According to a poll from Quinnipiac University, 59% of registered voters view Donald Trump unfavorably.
  • According to a poll from Quinnipiac University, both Democratic candidates beat Donald Trump in a general election matchup. Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump 45% to 41% and Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump 48% to 39%.

What people are writing in the states

Democrats around the country have shown this week that from now until November 8th, we’re going to hold Republicans up and down the ballot accountable for their divisive and dangerous policies. From the fraudulent Trump University that took advantage of hardworking Americans to his disrespect towards veterans, this week our state parties highlighted what is at stake in the upcoming election.

See below for a sampling of work from our state parties:


Statement of Fresno Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula on Donald Trump’s Drought Denial – California Democratic Party

Trump Takes Page from LePage, Declares War on Media – Maine Democratic Party

BREAKING: Republican Gov. Abbott received 35k donation from Donald Trump after ending investigation of Trump University while serving as AG – Texas Democratic Party

Paul Ryan’s Dangerous Endorsement of Donald Trump – Wisconsin Democratic Party

Trump calls judge a “total disgrace” based on his “Mexican heritage”- Iowa Democratic Party

Articles, Videos, and Op-Eds:

Video: Donald Trump is using veterans as props

Trump’s Very Use of Pocahontas’s Name Is Disrespectful

Michigan Dems slam Trump’s record on vet issues

California’s Democratic Leaders: No ‘Free Pass’ for Trump

Ga. Democrats Question Trump’s Commitment To Veterans

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