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This Week on the Campaign Trail


Between delegate fights and blame throwing from the GOP candidates, this week was truly about the accomplishments of the Democratic candidates. Last night, our candidates took the debate stage again to share their visions for moving our country forward. The discussion was lively and engaging, and it’s clear that the Democratic candidates are ready to fight on behalf of the American people.

Our candidates aren’t afraid to face the tough questions and provide substantive answers worthy of the electorate. Unlike the GOP debates, we didn’t see the rudeness, misogyny, xenophobia, and insults from the Democrats, and both Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders showed they have both the judgment and the temperament to serve as the next commander in chief.

Voting Rights

Today, the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee filed a joint lawsuit in the United States District Court of Arizona on behalf of voters affected by voting irregularities resulting from actions of state officials. The suit is a response to decisions that caused extremely long lines that needlessly disenfranchised voters, especially minority voters, during the state’s March 22nd presidential primary election. You can learn more about the lawsuit in a Medium post from DNC CEO, Amy Dacey.

An analysis by the Arizona Republic, the largest newspaper in the state, confirmed that “a wide swath of predominantly minority and lower-income areas in west Phoenix and east Glendale, along with south Phoenix, were particularly lacking in polling sites compared with 2012.”

This is not an isolated incident. Across the country, Republicans are using every tool, every legal loophole and every fear tactic they can think of to take aim at voting rights wherever they can. And what they’re aiming at is clear – they want nothing less than to disenfranchise voting groups who are inconvenient to them on Election Day. Democrats believe our country is stronger when every voice is heard and every vote is counted.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Donald Trump

After two disastrous weeks marked by primary losses, things continue to get worse for Donald Trump. A new study by the Southern Poverty Law Center explains how Trump’s behavior is “stoking fears and racial tensions in America’s classrooms.” The effects of his dangerous rhetoric have not only been damaging to the spirit of the electoral process, but his behavior is now affecting the way students interact in school. This has been seen among children in Indiana, Virginia, and Wisconsin that have been affected by Trump’s bullying. Trump simply has no grasp on how to respect others; he has continually threatened our country’s key allies, and has been a promoter of violence and division on the campaign trail, and demonstrates time and again that he has neither the temperament nor judgment to serve as our commander in chief. We must elect a Democrat as the 45th president.


Ted Cruz

This morning on CNBC, Ted Cruz stuck to his view that climate change is it not real when he stated, “Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant… carbon dioxide is plant food.” While he may have a Ph.D. in science fiction, we need to elect leaders to advance policies based on scientific facts.


The consensus from the scientific community is that climate change is not only real and a threat, but that humans are contributing to it. The longer Republican politicians like Ted Cruz try to block us from acting to reverse climate change, the more devastating the effects will be.

John Kasich

John Kasich attempted to distance himself from Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in a speech on Tuesday, but here’s the truth: Kasich’s criticism rings hollow seeing as he’s been working for years in Ohio to enact an agenda nearly indistinguishable from Trump’s. While Trump says he wants to “punish women” for abortions, Kasich already defunded Planned Parenthood and enacted policies that shut down half of the abortion clinics in his home state. Kasich shouldn’t get a free pass just because he hides the same out-of-touch Republican policies as Trump behind a smile.

Today, Kasich’s crusade against women continued. While campaigning in Watertown, NY, when asked by a college student how he’d help her feel safer from sexual violence, rape and harassment on college campuses, Kasich responded by telling the student “Don’t go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol.”


While President Obama and Vice President Biden are leading the way to stop the epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses, Republican presidential candidates like John Kasich are insulting women everyday on the campaign trail. It’s no wonder women are turning away from the Republican party in large numbers. Women deserve a president who will stand with them, not blame them.

Important Polls

  • According to a poll conducted by ABC News/ Washington Post,  Trump is unfavorably seen by 67 percent of Americans overall, 75 percent of women, 74 percent of young voters, 91 percent of African Americans, 81 percent of Latinos, 73 percent of college-educated whites, 66 percent of white women, and 72 percent of moderates.
  • According to a poll conducted by ABC News/ Washington Post, Cruz is viewed negatively by 53 percent of women, 50 percent of young voters, 51 percent of blacks, 46 percent of Latinos, 65 percent of college educated whites, 56 percent of white women, and 55 percent of moderates.

What people are writing in the states

  • The Arizona Democratic Party released a statement regarding the Voting Rights lawsuit filed by the DNC and the DCCC. Arizona Democratic Party Chair Alexis Tameron stated: “For years, Arizonans have demanded accountability and changes to the way our elections are run, yet our rights, privileges, and immunities guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution have been relentlessly chipped away. This unacceptable and disgraceful situation led the Arizona Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Committee, and the Kirkpatrick for Arizona Senate campaign to join in a federal lawsuit to address the fundamental failures of Arizona’s election processes. These issues must be remedied prior to this year’s General Election. The Arizona Democratic Party remains committed to making sure eligible Arizona voters are able to register to vote, cast their vote and ensure their vote will be counted. If this means taking legal action to hold those in charge accountable, then so be it.” Read the full statement here.
  • The Iowa Democratic Party released a statement regarding Sen. Chuck Grassley’s endorsement of Congressman Steve King. IDP Communications Director Sam Lau released the following statement: “It is fitting that Chuck Grassley, who is refusing to do his job in the Senate, would endorse Steve King, who was recently named the least effective member of Congress. Iowans can’t count on either of them to put the needs of working families above their partisan posturing. Unfortunately, this is the type of representation Iowans have come to expect from their Republican delegation in Washington—a commitment to obstructionism over progress, and extreme ideology over middle class priorities.” Read the full statement here.

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