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This Week on the Campaign Trail


With tomorrow marking 100 days until the Republican National Convention, it’s a countdown to catastrophe. Following two terrible weeks, the GOP is in disarray as Republicans continue to panic at the prospect of Lyin’ Ted or Dangerous Donald becoming their nominee. If the tepid support of Jim Risch or Ben Carson this week is any indication, the GOP is falling apart. Even Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said that choosing between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump is like choosing between being shot and poisoned. The Republicans are in crisis-mode now that their long history of disastrous policies, divisive rhetoric and obstructionist tactics has left them with nothing but bad choices. Regardless of which one they pick, they’ll end up with an out-of-touch candidate who would only drag America backwards.

Voting Rights

While Senate Republicans are still avoiding doing their jobs, or answering calls, there was a clear victory for democracy when the Supreme Court rejected a suit brought by Ted Cruz supporter and Texas GOP elected official Sue Evenwel. Threatening the concept of “one person, one vote” was so egregious that the court’s decision was unanimous; with even the most consistently conservative justices on the bench voting with the majority.

Despite the Evenwel decision, the Republican Party is still moving full steam ahead with efforts to put new barriers up at the ballot box for certain groups of voters across the states. This week, the Department of Justice opened an investigation of the election chaos caused by the Republican Maricopa County Record in Arizona. But it doesn’t end there, as Wisconsin voters also faced long lines and confusing rules as a result of Republican-backed Voter ID laws that do little more than make it more difficult for certain groups like minorities, students and the elderly to vote.

But this is no secret. Following the Wisconsin primary, Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman spilled the beans about the real intent of Wisconsin’s voter ID law that – coupled with a reduction in early voting – led to long lines at the polls on Tuesday night. Rep. Grothman stood by his comments, saying he “[didn’t] regret” what he said. Voters waited in line for hours in Wisconsin, just as the GOP intended.

The Republican Party might be a laughingstock, but their effort to restrict voting rights is no joke. The GOP has used every tool; legal loophole and fear tactic to disenfranchise voting groups that are inconvenient to them on Election Day. On the other hand, Democrats believe our country is stronger when every voice is heard and every vote is counted. Our party will continue to fight tooth and nail to expand access to the ballot box.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Donald Trump

This week, once again Donald Trump proved how dangerous he would be for America. This time he threatened to shut down economic ties between the United States and Mexico. By threatening to cut ties with one of our country’s closest allies by blocking family remittances, he has repeatedly shown that he has no knowledge or understanding of how to foster diplomatic relationships. During a press conference President Obama reiterated how those dangerous and “impractical” actions would be, and how they have the potential to collapse the Mexican economy. Trump simply doesn’t have the temperament to be commander-in-chief.

After losing Wisconsin, things only got worse for Trump, when his surrogate, Ben Carson hit the campaign trail. When asked “Are there better people out there to be president than Donald Trump?” Carson replied, “there are better people at everything.” Even Donald Trump’s own surrogates don’t think he’s fit to be commander in chief.

It’s probably time for another Trumper-tantrum.


Ted Cruz

Let’s face it. There is not much excitement at the possibility of Ted Cruz becoming the Republican nominee. This week, he picked up a cringe-worthy endorsement from Republican Senator Jim Risch. It’s an endorsement that pairs well with Lindsey Graham’s, who previously said that the Texas Senator was his “15th choice.”

And again this week, Ted Cruz tried to distance himself from Donald Trump’s dangerous statements on abortion and a woman’s right to choose, but in reality he is no different. During a town hall with Megyn Kelly, Cruz doubled down on his extreme positions on abortion, reiterating that there should be no exceptions for rape or incest. He also vowed to shut down the government over the funding of Planned Parenthood and pledged to “do everything within my power to end the scourge of abortion once and for all.”


John Kasich

This week, John Kasich also reiterated what Donald Trump laid bare, the Republican Party’s leadership is bent on dragging America backward to deny women their constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion. This came to light when Kasich discussed repealing Roe v. Wade and leaving abortion restrictions to the states. He has fought to create unreasonable restrictions to a woman’s constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion, to deny funding for health services to women in need, and to prohibit women from making their own decisions about their health care.


As if those comments weren’t out of touch enough, the Ohio Governor dug himself in deeper when he gave his State of the State Address, ignoring the key failures of his term, showing his policies have been just as extreme as the rest of his party, and just as bad for the people he represents.

Important Polls

  • According to a pollconducted by The POLITICO Caucus – a group of operatives and strategists in 10 key election battleground states – roughly 90 percent of participants believe neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz will win the nomination on the first ballot in Cleveland.
  • According to a pollconducted by NYT/CBS, 7 out of 10 voters in the South, where Trump has has had big wins, have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump.
  • According to a new pollconducted by Reuters/Ipsos, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are essentially tied for the GOP nomination.

What people are writing in the states

  • The New Hampshire Democratic Party released a statement regarding Kelly Ayotte’s for show meeting with Merrick Garland– at which she plans to say to his face that she won’t consider his nomination to the Supreme Court.“It’s been clear all along that Kelly Ayotte puts her party bosses and special interest backers ahead of doing her constitutional duty, and this report is just the latest proof,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Rather than waiting for permission from Mitch McConnell and outside special interest groups, Kelly Ayotte should listen to her constituents and do her job.” Read the full statement here.
  • The Arizona Democratic Party released a statement regarding the long lines seen during Arizona’s recent primary.  Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Sheila Healy stated: “Why is Secretary Reagan certifying an election under federal investigation by the Department of Justice? As Arizona’s chief elections official, Secretary Reagan is certifying an election that disenfranchised over 20,000 voters as a direct result of her party’s voter suppression policies. The systemic failures of March 22nd (the long lines, reduced number of polling locations, and voter registration irregularities) have not yet been addressed, yet alone been fixed.The fact that there is now a federal investigation underscores the seriousness of the issues that must be resolved by the general election. The integrity of Arizona’s elections will continue to be disputed if Secretary Reagan and other Republican officials continue to neglect their duties under law to carry out a fair and well-managed election.” Read the full statement here.

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