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The Putin-Trump Ticket

Mike Pence tried to talk tough on Russia tonight, but the song-and-dance he did on the issue can’t change the fact that Donald Trump called Putin a strong leader.

@svdate: Pence is talking awfully tough about Russia right now. Wonder how the guy at the top of the ticket feels about that…

@lrozen: Kaine pretty good at making mincemeat of Trump on foreign policy

@brianjameswalsh: Pence: “Provocations by Russia need to be met with American strength.” Something I’d love to hear from Trump himself but never have.

@RosieGray: who’s the candidate Pence is running with, again?

@jpodhoretz: The “small and bullying leader of Russia” — Pence on Putin. Oh is he going to get an email from Trump

@patcaldwell: Kinda doesn’t seem like Pence has talked with Trump about Russia..

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