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The Buzz: Trump Attempts to Use Dangerous Economic Views to Reset

 The Buzz: Trump Attempts Another Reset with Dangerous Economic Ideas 


Two important points below about Trump’s speech today at the Detroit Economic Club.


Trump Says No New Financial Regulations: Today, Donald Trump will propose a temporary moratorium on new financial regulations, rolling back reforms that protect taxpayers while providing tax breaks for millionaires and corporations. Perhaps it’s because such a move would benefit his own team of economic advisors, nearly all of whom are drawn from Wall Street (and all happen to be men)?

CNN’s Carol Costello discussed the makeup Trump’s team.



Rick Newman of Yahoo! Finance said that Trump’s opposition to financial regulation is the “kind of thing” his “group of advisors would love to see.”



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Just the Latest (and Inevitably Failed) Attempt to “Reset”: Today will also be the latest attempt by Trump to to “reset” his campaign. Unfortunately, Trump has shown time and again he is incapable of staying on message, let alone offering the American people proposals that aren’t focused solely on those at the top.
Alex Burns of the New York Times said that previous attempts to reset have only worked for “a period of days.”



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