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The Buzz: The Donald’s Harmful Economic Views

The Donald’s Harmful Economic Views

Donald Trump will tomorrow reiterate his harmful views on the economy during a speech at the Detroit Economic Club. Below are a few things to consider before Trump takes the stage.
Gingrich Admits Trump’s Numbers Don’t Add Up: Today on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asserted that Trump’s economic numbers “don’t add up.” Former GOP Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said, “of course” they don’t. Pretty amazing.



 Trump’s Large Tariffs Will Harm the U.S. Economy: Also, the Financial Times reveals today that Trump’s economic advisors believe the “backbone of his plan to boost US growth remained his trade ‘doctrine’”, including imposing large tariffs on a number of countries. As Mark Zandi, a former McCain economic advisor and economist at Moodys has written, those tariffs would raise uncertainty for businesses, reducing American exports and stymying growth. Here is Zandi speaking on CNBC in late June when his team’s report was first released:



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