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Ted Cruz’s Misleading Obamacare Sob Story

Today, Ted Cruz tried to garner sympathy with a crowd in New Hampshire by claiming he and his family are without health insurance as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Watch the video here.

But unlike the millions of Americans who, prior to the ACA, were actually denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions or simply couldn’t afford it, Senator Cruz enjoyed a “cadillac” health plan through Goldman Sachs, and now enjoys the privilege of guaranteed health care as a Senator. If his family doesn’t have health insurance today, it’s because he chose to opt out in order to make a political point and justify his zealotry for repealing the ACA.

It’s shameful for Cruz to liken his self-inflicted lack of insurance to the struggle that millions Americans without insurance have actually faced while confronting cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses and injuries.

“Ted Cruz had the option of signing up for coverage through his position as a U.S. Senator, but opted out in order to make a political point. The fact that Ted Cruz would use his own irresponsible decision as an excuse to take affordable health care away from 19 million Americans is despicable.” – DNC Spokesman Eric Walker


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