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Ted Cruz still doesn’t get it on climate change

This morning on CNBC, Ted Cruz remained obdurate in his view that climate change is not real.

Here’s what Lyin’ Ted said this time: “Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant… carbon dioxide is plant food.”


“While Ted Cruz apparently has a Ph.D. in science fiction, we need to elect leaders with policies based on scientific facts. There is a clear consensus from the scientific community that not only that climate change is real and dangerous, but also that humans are contributing to it. Scientists also agree that the longer politicians like Ted Cruz try to block us from acting to reverse climate change, the more irreversible and devastating the effects will be. That’s just one of many reasons it’s so critical that our next president is a Democrat.” – Mark Paustenbach, DNC spokesperson

Ted Cruz is not the only Republican running for president who refuses to accept the reality of climate change. Donald Trump has called climate change a “hoax,” and John Kasich says it’s “some theory that’s not proven” and “we shouldn’t worship the environment.”

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