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This Week On The Campaign Trail

 Yesterday, the July jobs report showed that 15 million private sector jobs have been created since early 2010, with 255,000 jobs created in the last month alone – more proof that Democratic leadership in the White House is the right choice to keep our economy growing.Happy Birthday, President Obama! The strong jobs report wasn’t the only milestone Democrats celebrated this…

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This Week on the Campaign Trail

As the primaries wind down, Democrats are proud of the substantive campaigns our candidates have run. Their values and priorities have matched those of the American people and have spoken to their aspirations and shared ideals. Now, almost 28 million voters have turned out to support our Democratic candidates in primaries and caucuses. And in state after state, exit polls…

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Democrats Hold Trump Accountable Across the Country

All this week, Democrats across the country have shown that from now until November 8th we’re going to hold Republicans up and down the ballot accountable for their divisive and dangerous standard bearer, Donald Trump. Below is a sampling of the coverage: REPUBLICAN KASICH ASSESSES FUTURE AFTER CRUZ DROPS OUT NEWSWEEK // MICHELE GORMAN Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper…

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Report: Carly Fiorina stiffed widow of campaign worker, but reimbursed herself $1.3 million

Failed HP CEO Carly Fiorina’s campaign has been dogged by stories about her corporate record of laying off 30,000 workers and outsourcing American jobs while getting a raise and a $42 million golden parachute upon her firing. But Fiorina’s greed wasn’t just reserved for her time as a corporate tycoon, according to a new report. Her me-first attitude also dominated…

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