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NEW DNC Video: Trump’s Disgraceful Record on Veterans

Only after increasing public pressure, Donald Trump today plans to outline donations he promised to make to veterans’ groups back in January, including $1 million of his own money. Trump’s lies about support for these organizations, comes after he repeatedly insulted veterans. For example, Trump bashed POWs like Senator John McCain and compared his womanizing to military service. The DNC today released…

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Veterans Protest Trump’s Empty Promises

A number of veterans today protested outside Trump Tower in New York to bring attention to Donald Trump’s use of veterans as political props and his empty promises when it comes to charitable donations. Veterans Protest Donald Trump Over Charity Pledge Wall Street Journal A dozen military veterans protested outside Trump Tower in New York City on Monday morning, accusing…

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SHOT/CHASER: Jeb Bush’s Veterans’ Plan Failed in Florida

SHOT: Jeb2016.com announced today: “Jeb can reform veterans’ services and care and expand opportunities for them because he’s done it before.”  CHASER: CNN Headline: Bush Wants To Privatize Some Veterans’ Health Benefits, But In Florida It Didn’t Go So Well Key points – “Jeb Bush’s effort as governor to partially privatize veterans’ health care services in Florida went so poorly…

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SHOT/CHASER: Rand Paul’s abysmal record on veterans

SHOT: Sen. Rand Paul is holding a town hall for veterans today in Bowling Green, KY CHASER: Rand Paul has repeatedly opposed and voted against measures to uplift veterans across the country again, and again. “From blocking medical services and benefits for veterans with disabilities supported by dozens of veterans groups, to opposing veterans’ benefits for married gay couples, to…

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SHOT/CHASER: Jeb Bush’s disastrous record for veterans

SHOT: Jeb Bush said in Raleigh today that we “ought to be respectful and show support for the veterans that have sacrificed for our country while they come back.” CHASER:  As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush partially privatized veterans’ health care services and it “went so poorly it was ended shortly after Bush left office.” But “that hasn’t stopped the…

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