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Small Business

Drain That Swamp! Trump Picks Largest Trump Foundation Donor For Cabinet

“Linda McMahon and her family are the single largest outside contributors to the Trump Foundation, so it’s no surprise she is being rewarded with a plum job in Trump’s administration. American workers and small businesses will be body-slammed by Trump’s false promises about saving and creating jobs, just as we saw with Carrier. Trump continues to fill, not drain the swamp.”  -DNC…

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Meet some of the people Hillary was talking about last night.

Meet some of the people Hillary was talking about last night. In one of the night’s most memorable exchanges, Hillary Clinton slammed Donald Trump for stiffing small business owners and not paying his bills. Here are some of the actual hardworking Americans she was talking about. These people all suffered financially because Donald Trump cared more about lining his own…

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MEMO: What’s at Stake for Young Voters This Election

Voters under 35 matched Baby Boomers (aged 52 to 70 years old) for the first time this year as a share of the electorate. Millennial voters are a diverse group, from those who are currently in college to young parents beginning to have families of their own to entrepreneurs starting businesses. This year’s Democratic primary engaged and energized millennials, resulting in…

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Happy Small Business Week!

President Obama has said time and again that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and that is the reason why he has taken many important steps to support them. While the President and Democrats have made small businesses a priority, the Republican presidential field would take away that progress. Let’s take a look at the small business records…

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