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DNC Statement on Paul Manafort’s Resignation

“Despite today’s latest staff shake-up, Donald Trump’s campaign still maintains strong ties to Russia and pro-Kremlin elements. At least a half-dozen of Trump’s remaining aides have Russian connections, and let’s not forget about his own financial interests in the region, as well as his repeated praise for Putin.” –DNC National Press Secretary Mark Paustenbach

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GOP Congressman Rips Trump Over Manafort’s Russia Ties

Today, Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger ripped into Donald Trump’s foreign policy ideas. He expressed concern about Trump’s desire to align ourselves with Russia despite their destabilizing actions around the world. He also called on Trump to further investigate his aides’ ties to Russia and Russian-supported regimes, as well as recent reports of his top aide, Paul Manafort, being designated millions…

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DNC Statement on Trump Campaign Chair’s Pro-Kremlin Ties

“The fact that Donald Trump’s top campaign aide, Paul Manafort, may have accepted millions in undisclosed cash payments from pro-Kremlin entities in Ukraine is especially troubling in light of the Russian government’s recently exposed cyber-attacks on the Democratic Party. Donald Trump must disclose any and all ties, financial or otherwise, that he or his campaign aides have to the Russian…

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The Buzz: Manafort’s Kremlin Ties Step on Trump’s Big Speech

Today in Youngstown, Ohio, Donald Trump will be delivering what his campaign has billed as a major foreign policy speech. But last night, the New York Times published an eye-opening exposé on Trump’s campaign chair’s ties to pro-Kremlin elements of Ukraine, raising more concerns about Trump’s foreign policy views and his fitness for office.   The New York Times writes, “Mr. Manafort’s…

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Trump Defends Putin on Killing Journalists

Today on ABC’s This Week, Donald Trump defended his new pal Vladimir Putin over killing journalists. Watch: Transcript: Trump: As far as reporters are concerned, obviously I don’t want that to happen, I think it’s horrible. But, in all fairness to Putin, you’re saying he killed people. I haven’t seen that, I don’t know that he has. Have you been…

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