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Rob Portman

Unprincipled: GOP on Trump

Republicans have taken some bizarre stances to justify their support for Donald Trump. Some denounced their party’s presidential nominee after his latest sexist comments were revealed. But after the second presidential debate, they flip flopped and said that they still plan to vote for Trump. Others finally abandoned their nominee, but only after condoning his divisive and inflammatory comments for…

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Denouncing isn’t enough.

Donald Trump’s disgusting comments about women that were revealed today demonstrate exactly who Donald Trump is—a candidate unfit for the White House. But denouncing Trump’s obviously disgusting comments is not enough. The remaining question is whether Republicans will continue to support his candidacy and call him a role model. Trump’s abhorrent comments are not a one-off. From calling women “fat pigs”…

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Rob Portman & Scott Brown: One Pushes, the Other Profits Off of Outsourcing

PEAS IN A POD: Brown Made More Than A Quarter Million Off Company That Outsourced, Portman Pushed Policies That Sent Jobs Overseas Today, Rob Portman is in the Granite State to dip his toes in the 2016 presidential primary waters and to lend his support to Scott Brown. While many notable Republicans have declined to endorse the former Massachusetts senator…

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