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Job Growth

ICYMI: Here’s what has changed since Obama took office

Much has changed since President Obama took office in January 2009. Here are the facts: The unemployment rate is down… January 2009: 7.8% November 2016: 4.6% The number of uninsured Americans is down… 2009: 49 million 2015: 29.8 million The deficit is down… 2009: -$1.4 trillion 2016: $590 billion While… The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up… January 20, 2009:…

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Trump should be saying #ThanksObama

Just like Donald Trump inherited a fortune from his father when he started his business career, he will inherit the growing Obama economy when he starts his presidential term in January. Before President Obama took office, the economy was in freefall and millions of Americans would end up losing their jobs, homes, and life savings. Roughly eight years later, the unemployment…

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U.S. GDP Report Shows Strongest Economic Expansion in Two Years — Thanks, Obama

Thanks to President Obama’s leadership and the policies that his Administration put in place, the economy has continued to expand at the fastest rate in years. The Commerce Department’s latest GDP report showed that the economy grew at a robust 3.2% clip in the third quarter of this year, and the economy looks to be on course for more positive growth…

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Today’s Jobs Report Highlights Strong Economy Under Democratic Leadership

New York Times – Last Pre-election Jobs Report Shows Healthy Growth and Higher Wages Associated Press – US employers add solid 161K jobs; wages up by most since ’09 CBS News – Wage growth surges as economy notches solid job gains Bloomberg – US job growth on target Marketwatch – U.S. creates 161,000 jobs in October as wages climb Wall…

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Job Growth is on the Ballot

Hillary Clinton has proposed economic policies that lift up everyone, not just those at the top. Donald Trump would only take us backwards, and experts on both sides of the political aisle warn that his plans would risk another recession and cost millions of jobs. Here are the facts: Hillary Clinton’s Path to Job Creation Democrats have a strong record…

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Last Night’s Debate: Trump’s Aversion to the Facts

It was another long night for fact checkers after the last debate, and once again many of Donald Trump’s assertions were found to be false or inaccurate. Job Growth On CNN, Christine Romans showed that Donald Trump’s claims about last month’s jobs report were incorrect. She noted we’ve seen the “72nd month in a row that the economy has gained jobs,” and the…

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