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George Pataki

The GOP Needs a Lesson on Women’s Equality Day

Today the Democratic Party is celebrating Women’s Equality Day. Ninety five years ago today, women won the right to vote, guaranteeing them one of the most basic rights available to an American citizen. While Democrats are fighting to protect women’s rights every day, it occurs to us that the GOP presidential candidates are in serious need of a lesson on…

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Another Week in Review for the GOP 2016 field

Another week for the GOP potential presidential field, and another week of struggles. Here’s a recap: Scott Walker It’s safe to say that Scott Walker wins our award for worst week in the GOP field. Where to begin. First off, late last week more news surfaced of Scott Walker’s administration’s shady dealings and failed jobs promises. Long story short, Walker…

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2016 GOP Primary is Already LOL

After the 2012 election, RNC Chairman Priebus pledged that come 2016, he would try to put an end to the “traveling circus” primary that damaged the GOP and made all their candidates unelectable. Well, it’s not even 48 hours since the polls closed in the midterms, and the 2016 GOP Primary Circus is already in town. Right after the midterms,…

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