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MEMO: What’s at Stake for Young Voters This Election

Voters under 35 matched Baby Boomers (aged 52 to 70 years old) for the first time this year as a share of the electorate. Millennial voters are a diverse group, from those who are currently in college to young parents beginning to have families of their own to entrepreneurs starting businesses. This year’s Democratic primary engaged and energized millennials, resulting in…

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Party of Trump: 2016 RNC Platform vs. 2013 RNC Autopsy

Four years ago, after Mitt Romney was crushed at the ballot box partly because of the Republican Party’s alienation of African Americans, Latinos, LGBT Americans, AAPI voters, Native Americans, women, young people, and many other groups, the RNC produced an autopsy report with recommendations for the party to broaden its appeal. Instead, the Republican Party has burned and buried those…

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Womp and Circumstance

It’s commencement season, and with that, millions of young Americans are graduating into thousands of dollars of debt. But before they go, many will have the opportunity to hear from Republican presidential candidates who have done nothing but add fire to the student debt crisis. Take, for example, Governor Jeb Bush. He’s addressing Liberty University’s commencement. But under his leadership in Florida,…

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