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Simple math: Trump IS the GOP

As Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd explained this weekend, even in their best-case scenarios, none of the Republicans still left in the field have any mathematically realistic chance of defeating Donald Trump. Todd broke it down as follows:


  • If Cruz had won 35% of delegates in IL, MO, NC, he would still need to win 80% of remaining delegates. With Cruz currently ten points behind Trump in IL, those numbers look out of reach.
  • If Rubio had won Florida, he would have had to win 98% of delegates remaining. He lost in his home state and suspended his campaign.
  • And John Kasich – despite winning Ohio – still needs 112% of delegates remaining to secure the nomination.

In short, tonight we’re seeing the mathematical culmination of years of divisive and extreme politics on the part of the GOP. Donald Trump IS the Republican Party.

Trump is going to surpass 619 delegates tonight, which means he will be over half of the way to what he needs to win the nomination. And because Republican rules require a candidate to have earned a majority of delegates in at least 8 states to be considered on the floor of the convention, Trump is likely to be the only candidate to meet that threshold.


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