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Save the Date – Day One Deportations from Republican Presidential Candidates

ImThe first day of the next presidency is just 331 days away, and from what the Republican candidates are saying on the campaign trail, it’ll be defined by the beginning of mass deportations – including of DREAMers who were brought to the United States through no fault of their own and have grown up here.

Last night, feeling the heat after finishing in a virtual tie with Marco Rubio behind Donald Trump in South Carolina that earned neither of them a single delegate, Ted Cruz reiterated this extreme position and said he would deport twelve million people as soon as he enters the White House.


It’s not the first time Cruz said something like this. In January, when a special needs worker pointed out to Ted Cruz that his extreme stance on immigrant families means that on the first day of his presidency he would begin deporting people like her, a DREAMer brought to America as a child. Cruz agreed, and called her a “human tragedy.”


Cruz, of course, is also competing with Donald Trump who launched his campaign calling Mexican immigrants rapists, criminals and drug dealers, and who has vowed to end President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program or DACA, and has called for mass deportations without any consideration of an individual’s circumstances or the need for law enforcement to prioritize real threats. Cruz’s statement also echoes Marco Rubio’s recent statement that he too would end DACA on the first day of his presidency.


“The Republican candidates’ extreme position stands in stark contrast to both Democratic presidential candidates who have made clear on the campaign trail that they understand that fixing the broken immigration system is good for our economy, good for our national security and good for our country, not to mention for the families who are being threatened with separation and deportation. That the Republican candidates don’t understand the severe cost and toll their deportation policies would take on our economy and our country is bad enough, but that they’re pandering to the most extreme elements in their party is shameful.”  - DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda

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