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Rubio’s Lack of Understanding on Gun Violence Shines Through in Des Moines Register Editorial Board Meeting

Rubio’s Lack of Understanding on Gun Violence Shines in Des Moines Register Editorial Board Meeting

More Americans die from gun violence per capita than in any other developed nation on earth. Despite this fact, Marco Rubio clearly does not understand how the gun purchasing system in this country works, why gun violence is terrorizing our communities, or how we can help solve this problem.

During a meeting today with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register, Rubio continued to spread false claims that President Obama’s executive actions will do nothing to prevent gun violence in America. This is false – background checks are a practical and proven way to reduce gun crimes in America and are supported by 91 percent of Americans. Rubio’s lack of knowledge on gun violence was apparent throughout the meeting, and is just another example of why he can’t be trusted to keep Americans safe.

Semi-Automatic Are No More Dangerous Than Revolvers

Rubio said today that semi-automatic guns are no different than revolvers. The average semi-automatic pistol carries more bullets, are easier to shoot and simply more dangerous. Rubio’s lack of knowledge on this matter is troubling.

Hypocrisy on Protecting American Lives

When asked about closing the loopholes in background checks, Rubio complained that background checks are a burden on gun sellers. He prefers to protect the interests of the gun lobby and manufacturers over the need to reduce gun violence in our towns and neighborhoods.

No Support of Mental Health Funding

In classic Rubio fashion, Rubio gave a non-answer when asked about mental health care funding. Just like the rest of the GOP presidential hopefuls, Rubio has said repeatedly that such programs are one way to curb gun violence – but he won’t put his money where his mouth is.

“When it comes to his knowledge on guns and gun violence in this country, Marco Rubio doesn’t know the facts and won’t provide solutions. Rubio seems more interested in protecting the interests of the gun lobby and manufacturers than protecting American lives. Americans are sick and tired of gun violence devastating our communities, and Marco Rubio’s threat to repeal the President’s action on guns would make us less safe.” – Christina Freundlich, DNC spokeswoman


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