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President Obama to visit mosque today in defense of religious freedom, as Republicans peddle bigotry and scapegoat Muslims

Today, President Obama will be visiting a mosque in Baltimore to talk about the many contributions that Muslims have made to this country and to emphasize a simple, yet powerful truth: religious freedom is essential to our democracy and targeting peaceful communities with hateful rhetoric because of their beliefs is wrong and makes America less safe.

This stands in stark contrast to what we’ve heard time and again from the Republicans:

  • Donald Trump called for banning all Muslims from entering the United States and continues to beat that drum in a campaign ad.
  • Marco Rubio compared Muslims to ‘members of the Nazi party’ and suggested that mosques, diners, and cafes where Muslim families and communities gather might need to be closed.
  • Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush have said only Christian refugees should be allowed into the United States.
  • And Chris Christie would even prevent a three-year-old Muslim orphan from seeking asylum.

“As Republicans running for president continue to take aim at Muslims, inciting distrust and hatred, and making our country less secure, President Obama is standing up for American families, Muslim communities and religious freedom. We need to make sure whoever we elect to the White House in 2016 will protect religious freedom. We need to elect a Democrat as the 45th president of the United States.” - DNC National Press Secretary Mark Paustenbach

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