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Obama: Hillary Clinton Will Fight For All Of Us


Today President Obama forcefully laid out his support for Hillary Clinton and her vision of an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. The President reminded voters in the Sunshine State that they don’t just have to vote against Trump — they should vote for Hillary Clinton’s record of fighting for the middle class and her readiness to be Commander in Chief. He also urged the crowd to take advantage of early voting and elect down ballot Democrats like Patrick Murphy who will fight for working families in the United States Senate.

Here’s the Buzz:

Washington Post: Greg Jaffe: Obama goes off script, turns up passion while rallying for Clinton in Florida

President Obama broke from his usual script Thursday in a day of intensive campaigning in this crucial swing state while making a closing argument on behalf of Hillary Clinton that often seemed to be improvised from the podium…He relentlessly attacked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his temperament and the GOP-led Congress for blocking his initiatives during his time in office. “All right, I have gone on too long,” Obama said several times over the course of an hour-long speech in Miami before launching back into his argument. In Jacksonville, he cast Trump as unfit for the presidency and unworthy of the the American people’s support.

Miami Herald: Patricia Mazzei and Amy Sherman: In Miami, Obama tries to summon last-minute political magic for Clinton

Banging his fist and pounding his lectern, President Barack Obama tried Thursday in Miami to conjure a little last-minute political magic for Hillary Clinton, the sort of excitement that twice elected a president of hope who was nevertheless unable to prevent a 2016 presidential race of gloom. “It’s about what can be achieved by us, the people, together, through the heart, soul and, yes, sometimes frustrating work of self-governing,” he said. “That’s not what Donald Trump stands for, but it is what Hillary stands for: The idea that in this big, diverse country of ours, we don’t demonize each other. We reach out and try to work together.” Casting Trump as a vapid entertainer, Obama seemed intent on jolting disenchanted voters who, ballot returns show, have lagged in voting early and by mail and as a result left Florida once again in pure toss-up territory ahead of Tuesday’s election. “This isn’t a joke. This isn’t ‘Survivor.’ This isn’t ‘The Bachelorette.’ This counts,” Obama said. “All of you are uniquely qualified to make sure that this uniquely unqualified person does not become president.”

USA Today: Gregory Korte: Obama campaigning like it’s 2008 and reviving the old energy

The President Obama of 2016 has begun to sound more and more like the Sen. Barack Obama of 2008, giving campaign speeches that hearken back to the electricity of his first campaign for president. This time, he’s trying to protect the legacy he’s tried to build over the last eight years… He’s excoriated Donald Trump, boosted Clinton and defended his own record over the last eight years, arguing that while he’s not on the ballot, “Fairness is on the ballot.  Decency is on the ballot.  Justice is on the ballot. Progress is on the ballot.” “Yes we can!” has become “Come on, man!”

Florida Politics: A.G. Gancarski: President Obama taught Donald Trump a political lesson in Jacksonville

Barack Obama will get people to the polls. Expect the next few days to see bigger turnout with African-American voters, young voters, and those NPAs who may not agree with Barack Obama on everything policy, but who love the man’s swagger and embodiment of the American spirit. Trump may have projected that once upon a time. But for those outside of the GOP tent, that’s not the case in 2016. Ric Flair used to have an expression before the end of his matches: “Now, we go to school!” In Jacksonville, President Obama was the teacher. Donald Trump got the drop slip.

Time: Maya Rhodan: Two Stops, Same Message: Obama Urges Young Floridians to Vote

President Obama swept the Sunshine State on Thursday, delivering two speeches to young voters in Northern and Southern corners of the state. The speeches were four hours and about 400 miles apart, but the message was the same—the outcome of the election could depend on the decision of Floridians. “Five days, Florida,” Obama said from a podium at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. “Five days before we decide the future of America.”…In Miami on Thursday, the President told a crowd of students at Florida International University that although his name is not on the ballot, his policies are, in his pleas for millennials to vote early for Clinton.

Sun Sentinel: Anthony Man: Obama rallies  millennials, Hispanics for Hillary Clinton in Miami

“I know a lot of you are cynical about politics. There’s a lot about this election that gives you reason to be. But I’m here to tell you, right now, you have a chance to move history in a better direction. You have a chance to reject divisive politics and mean-spirited politics,” Obama said. “If we win Florida, we will win this election.” Appearing in his role as motivator-in-chief, hoping for a successor who doesn’t try to undo policies of his eight years as president, Obama alternately entertained, lectured and cajoled a young and diverse crowd of 4,500 at the Florida International University basketball arena. His theme was voting — without delay. The president led chants about voting early.

CBS Miami: Obama Urges Floridians To ‘Get Out & Vote’ At FIU

President Barack Obama is back in Florida rallying support for Hillary Clinton and urging voters to head to the polls early…. “Five more days to decide the future,” Obama said to the young crowd, many of whom are voting for the first time. “The good news is that you don’t have to wait for Election Day to vote.” … Over the 45-minute speech, Obama leaned over the podium and went off script, not holding back as he bashed Republican candidate Donald Trump and Republicans alike. “There is not even a hint of a plan,” he said. “There’s no plan. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Come on!” As his eight-year term comes to an end, Democrats are concerned. “It’s frightening. It’s very frightening,” said Gina Alder. “Because if Trump wins it’s a disaster.”

Here’s what the local TV affiliates are saying:

WJXT’s Jim Piggot noted that President Obama fired up the crowd during his speech, discuss what’s at stake in this election.


WJXT Obama

WPEC’s Greg Angel said that President Obama explained why he believes Hillary should be our next president– she has the experience and temperament that Donald Trump does not have.


WPEC I'm With Her

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