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Not the Onion: Kasich had “fantastic time” at Lehman during financial crisis

In a recent interview with TIME, Ohio Governor John Kasich was if he had any regrets about his time working at Lehman Brothers DURING THE FINANCIAL CRISIS.

Yes, the financial crisis – a time when America’s economy was crashing and millions were losing their jobs, Kasich was a managing director at one of the investment banks that was integral to the 2008 crash.

TIME: Any regrets from that period?

Kasich: It was fantastic. Are you kidding? Regrets? I thought it was a fantastic time. I traveled all over the country. I got an incredible education. I worked my tail off. It was great.

DNC spokesperson Jason Pitt issued the following statement, “There is one question voters ask when they go to the ballot box: will this candidate look out for me? Well now we know the answer when it comes to John Kasich.”


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