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Noisy Xenophobe Steve King Endorses Fellow Noisy Xenophobe Ted Cruz

It’s a match! Today, Ted Cruz – a man whose most high-profile accomplishment is masterminding the government shutdown which cost the U.S. economy $24 billion dollars – was endorsed by a man who has been dubbed one of the least-effective members of the House of Representatives: Iowa Representative Steve King.

Rep. King, a man known for his xenophobia and who once claimed that immigrants have “calves the size of cantaloupes” from hauling drugs across the border, has worked side-by-side with Ted Cruz and other Republicans to block any bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform proposal, including a path to citizenship.

Ted Cruz’s plan, which he released last week, proposes the following:

  • Ends the 14th amendment’s guarantee to birthright citizenship
  • Limits legal immigration, including suspending the popular H1-B visa program for high-skilled foreign workers
  • Undoes the President’s executive actions to keep families together

“The man who talked about immigrants with cantaloupe calves sadly took this long to endorse because he has so many candidates to choose from. Whether it’s Jeb Bush slurring the children of immigrants, Marco Rubio who was for immigration reform before he was against it, or Ted Cruz who ironically wants to end the 14th amendment’s guarantee of birthright citizenship, this Republican field is the most anti-immigrant in recent memory. That approach not only hurts families, but it hurts our economy. To be clear, every single Democratic candidate for president firmly opposes Steve King’s mass deportation agenda and supports President Obama’s plan to keep immigrant families together, enact a path to citizenship for undocumented families living in the United States, and grow our economy through immigration reform. The Republicans represent the opposite course for America’s future.” – DNC Hispanic Media Director Pablo Manriquez.



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