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NEW DNC VIDEO: President Obama vs. Cruz and Trump on immigration

Today, as the Supreme Court hears United States v Texas, the Democratic National Committee is releasing a new video highlighting the differences between how President Obama talks about the contributions immigrant families make, versus Republicans Ted Cruz and Donald Trump whose rhetoric and policies are designed to promote fear of immigrants and tear families apart, hurting America’s national and economic interests in the process.


Every Administration, Democratic or Republican, since President Dwight Eisenhower has used executive authority to prioritize immigration enforcement and protect families from deportation. The President’s actions affect families with U.S. citizens, and have an economic  benefit by virtue of normalizing the status of those contributing to our economy, leveling the playing field for everyone in America by ensuring immigrants are able to pay taxes, and making it possible for DREAMers to contribute to the communities they grew up in. Just as presidents before him, President Obama has used the same broad authority to apply our immigration laws and prioritize enforcement so that it reflects our shared values as Americans and as citizens of a global society.

“Republican politicians aren’t just hurting immigrant families with their obsession with mass deportations and obstruction on immigration reform, they’re hurting American communities and our economy. Today’s Supreme Court arguments are a reminder that the divisive campaigns that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have run have real consequences and that would only weaken our country as president with their xenophobia, racist comments, and even incitement to violence. The Republican presidential candidates are running campaigns that cut against the values that make America strong. The Supreme Court should reject the GOP-led lawsuits against the President’s executive authority and the voters should reject Republicans in November.” – DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda



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