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More Information Needed from Director Comey

Additional voices today spoke about the lack of detail included in the letter sent Friday by FBI Director Comey and noted the speculation that ensued after the letter was made public just 11 days prior to Election Day. Democrats reiterated their call for Director Comey to provide additional information and context around his letter.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell listed all the details that Comey’s letter could have included that would allow for more clarity. When Trump advisor Larry Kudlow said “the letter was not as artful as it could have been,” Mitchell replied, “You think?”


Andrea Mitchell

Hillary for America Campaign Manager Robbie Mook reiterated that the letter was immediately leaked and mischaracterized by Republicans. At the same time, Yahoo! News reported that Director Comey still may not have seen the contents of the emails.


Robbie Mook

NBC’s Pete Williams noted that Director Comey’s letter never said the emails are significant and that “they have no idea what’s in these emails.”


Pete Williams