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Let’s remember who the GOP wants on our currency….

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced today that Harriet Tubman will be the first African-American and the second woman ever portrayed on the face of our country’s paper currency when she appears on the new $20 bill.

The Republican presidential candidates must be disappointed. Remember who they recommended at their September 16th GOP debate?

Margaret Thatcher, Ivanka Trump, Ben Carson’s mother, and Mike Huckabee’s wife….

Choosing Your Mother or Daughter for the $10 Bill Isn’t Endearing. It Shows You Can’t Name a Historic Woman.

New Republic

The candidates probably thought it would be endearing to name a loved one. Instead, they revealed either that they couldn’t actually name an important woman in American history, or that they have a low opinion of our many historic female figures. “I mean,” Huckabee said, “who else could possibly be on that money other than my wife?”

So, why couldn’t the GOP candidates think of some good women for the $10 bill?

Washington Post  

CNN host Jake Tapper curated one of the night’s last questions from social media. “Earlier this year, the Treasury Department announced that a woman will appear on the $10 bill,” Tapper said. “What woman would you like to see on the $10 bill?”

He then went around the debate stage for rapid-fire responses. Apparently it was a little too rapid-fire for some of the GOP candidates.

Bush added of his Thatcher pick that it’s “probably illegal, but what the heck.” And it would be illegal, since the woman must be an American. So that nixes Mother Teresa (Bush later walked back from even that answer, telling NBC “You know, I don’t think that’s the most relevant thing in the world. I would give it up to the — on the Internet and let people decide this.”)

We know this question came toward the end of a three-hour (!) debate, but it presented a unique opportunity for the candidates on stage to connect with American women of all different colors from both sides of the aisle — if only any of them had tried.

GOP Candidates, Asked to Name Iconic American Women, Cite Foreigners and Their Relatives


CNN’s Jake Tapper asked the 11 candidates in Wednesday night’s main-event Republican presidential debate which woman they would want to put on the $10 bill. In other words, “name any historically important female American.” Forty-five percent of those people are not historically important female Americans.

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