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Last night’s debate was the third-most-watched #DemDebate in history. Here’s what people are saying:

Serious and substantive – that’s the way yesterday’s Democratic debate in South Carolina is being described.

Last night’s debate – scheduled in the highest viewership timeslot of the week – was the third most-watched Democratic primary debate of all time. With 10.2 million viewers on NBC and seen by 12.5 million people overall, last night’s debate audience was larger than the audience for every single GOP primary debate in 2008 and 2012 (before Trump came along).

Unlike the GOP’s Trumpian food fights, our candidates showed you can have a lively discussion about how to move America forward and keep Americans safe without insulting your opponents or large groups of Americans.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what people are saying below:


“Sunday night’s NBC News-YouTube Democratic Candidates Debate was seen by 12.5 million viewers across all platforms, including 10.2 million live on the NBC network – making it the most-watched broadcast network Democratic debate of the 2016 campaign so far and the third-highest rated Democratic debate in history.”


“This was a spirited, substantive debate, much more heated than the last three Democratic debates but still more civil than anything we’ve seen on the Republican side.”


“The debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Democrats’ last before the caucuses and primaries begin, featured mostly policy clashes and none of the insult that plays on Republican stages.”

Huffington Post:

“The two presidential primary debates in South Carolina this week put into stark relief that the Democratic Party is truly trying to attract black voters in 2016, and the Republican Party really isn’t.

“Both debates took place in the Charleston metropolitan area. Right from the start, the Democratic debate focused heavily on issues of concern to the black community, with the candidates talking about the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., racism in the criminal justice system, the Black Lives Matter movement and how to reach out to more minority voters.

“The GOP debate, meanwhile, only had the word “black” spoken twice: once in reference to black lung, and the other in reference to the black market.”

@NateSilver538: re Dem debate: Sunday is the busiest nite for TV viewership (http://bit.ly/238R77U ) and 9 PM is the busiest hour (http://1.usa.gov/1V03Wva )

@Morning_Joe: .@chucktodd: What a lively, substantive debate #DemDebate

@brianstelter: Reasons for NBC News to be pleased right now: substantive debate… mostly solid production… moderators have maintained control #DemDebate

@ajjaffe: Remarkable how much of the GOP debate is about Clinton/Obama & how little of the #DemDebate is about Trump/Cruz/Rubio/etc.

@IAStartingLine: So much serious/rationale policy talk. That’s nice #DemDebate, but where’s the crazy racist fear-mongering of #GOPDebate?

@MarcACaputo: The Democratic debate is simply better than the Republican ones because 1) they’re allowed to debate & 2) there aren’t 8 candidates on stage

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