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John Kasich’s “Plan”? Cut Social Security for Baby Boomers

This week we’ve seen a lot of recycled policies from Republicans running for president. Whether it’s taking talking points from Todd Akin, to opposing paid family leave, it feels like we’ve been living in the past.

The latest happened in New Hampshire last night, when John Kasich revealed he wants to privatize Social Security for future seniors and undermine Social Security for baby boomers who are so close to retirement and counting on the support they earned over a lifetime of work.

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KASICH: “On entitlements, they all need to be—so let me give you my basic feeling on it. If you’re on it, we don’t want to take it away.  The baby boomers are going to have to give some on it. Not sure what it’s going to be yet, because I gotta go back and do all the numbers again. And for the younger people I still like the idea of giving them an opportunity to earn money through the strength of our American economy, with Social Security included in that.”

While his position that baby boomers should give up some of their Social Security benefits while we privatize the system for future generations is a fairly new revelation from John Kasich in this campaign, it’s not surprising given his previous proposals to cut Social Security benefits. Kasich has been a supporter of privatizing Social Security since his days in Congress, and even introduced legislation that would implement a new retirement program that has been called “stealth privatization.”

“Asking baby boomers to face cuts on the Social Security benefits they’ve earned over their entire lives is the exact opposite of what they need to hear from a White House contender. We need to be doing more to protect our seniors who are so close to retirement and counting on a system they’ve paid into. Instead of doing the time warp on Social Security, Republicans should join Democrats and fight to protect and preserve this promise to our seniors.” –Holly Shulman, DNC National Press Secretary

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