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Irresponsible GOP rhetoric makes it harder to fight terror

This week, the DNC and our allies have been holding the Republican presidential candidates accountable for their irresponsible, counterproductive, and dangerous rhetoric against Muslim-Americans that alienates our allies at home and abroad, making it harder to fight terrorist organizations like ISIS.

Unable to draw a clear distinction or substantive alternative between what President Obama is doing to combat terrorism and what they would do if they were president, the GOPers have instead turned to shameful and divisive anti-Muslim rhetoric.

The DNC released this video contrasting the Republicans’ bombastic response to Paris with the measured words of former President George W. Bush in the wake of the 9/11 attacks:

Here’s how the Republican candidates’ shameful fear tactics are playing in the press:

Washington Post: ‘Rabid’ dogs and closing mosques: Anti-Islam rhetoric grows in GOP

“A week after terrorists tied to the Islamic State terrorist group killed 129 people in Paris, some Republican politicians have responded with the kind of rhetoric that another Republican — George W. Bush — explicitly avoided after the al-Qaeda attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. In the angry aftermath, Bush said that ‘Islam is peace’ and that all Muslims should not be judged for the deeds of a few radicals.“

NBC News: A Week of Overheated Rhetoric on the Campaign Trail

A week of overheated — if not shameful — rhetoric on the 2016 campaign trail.

“A week has now passed since the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, and let’s just say that the week hasn’t brought out the best in the 2016 field when it comes to rhetoric. Especially on the Republican side.”

Eugene Robinson: Obama’s Critics Stop Making Sense

“The impact of the Paris attacks on the Republican presidential race may turn out to be minimal, especially since the establishment candidates aren’t making any more sense than outsiders Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

“Theoretically, a deadly rampage by Islamic State terrorists ought to make Republican voters think twice about presidential hopefuls who have zero experience in government and no expertise in foreign or military affairs. But the contenders who hold or held high office are offering little more than bellicose rhetoric and overblown pledges of toughness.”

Time: Republican Candidates Weren’t Always Skeptical of Syrian Refugees

“In the wake of the Paris attacks, Republican presidential candidates have blasted President Obama’s plan to admit at least 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year.

But some of them weren’t always so hostile to the idea of taking in some of the asylum seekers fleeing violence in their war-torn homeland.

National Journal: Syrian Refugees Caught Between Political Rhetoric and Reality After Paris

Fear-mongering may be 2016 politics, but it denies reality: Syrians seeking refuge in the U.S. undergo some of the strictest scrutiny in the world.”

Buzzfeed: Conservative Christian Leader Blasts Anti-Refugee Rhetoric, Calls For Compassion

“A leading voice on the religious right sharply criticized the ‘dangerous’ anti-refugee sentiment that has permeated the recent political debate in the United States — and warned that some Republican presidential candidates may turn off Christian voters with their lack of compassion.”

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