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Hillary Clinton Proved She is Ready to be Commander in Chief

Hillary Clinton tonight proved without a doubt that she is ready to be Commander in Chief. She knows world leaders, knows the strength of our military, and understands the nuance of diplomacy. Hillary Clinton is a proven leader on issues of national security and she is the only candidate in this race who has laid out real plans to keep our country safe. Tonight she made clear that, as president, she will give our military everything they need when they’re serving overseas and support them when they come back home.

Have a look at what reporters are saying about Clinton’s performance:

@HardballChris: Trump’s problem is that her performance was near perfect, which makes it very hard to beat.

@jonathanchait: These were tough questions but I think Clinton held up well. She delivered specific, concise answers. Effective performance in my opinion.

@SabrinaSiddiqui: “We have to defeat ISIS,” Clinton says, calling it her “highest counterterrorism goal.”

@KatyTurNBC: Clinton: We need to pass a law prohibiting people on the terrorist watch list from buying a gun.

@LeoShane: @HillaryClinton says she’ll focus on helping vets prevent suicide, working closely with vets groups to find solutions. #CICForum

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