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GOP’s paid leave “plans” are either unworkable or nonexistent

We know that on principle, Republicans are opposed to many initiatives that help middle-class and working families – things like raising the minimum wage, pay equity, and affordable health initiatives. It’s no different for paid family leave – an issue where the U.S. lags behind its foreign counterparts, and American families pay the price for GOP inaction.

Every Republican candidate for president has opposed paid family leave, and now Senator Marco Rubio’s foray into the issue proposes a good deal for big businesses, but not much help for hardworking Americans.

In an op-ed for LinkedIn today, Marco Rubio argued that instead of guaranteeing paid family leave – like every other developed country in the world – he would offer a tax cut to businesses to cover the cost of offering paid family leave benefits.

What he failed to mention is that the tax cut would only cover 25% of the cost of paid family leave, meaning that it would still be unaffordable for many businesses, and few workers would actually benefit. But it would be a huge windfall for businesses that already offer a paid family leave plan.

People aren’t fooled – look the coverage from the last time Rubio tried to peddle this “plan”:

New York Times: Marco Rubio’s Plan for Paid Leave Does Not Require Paid Leave

New Republic: Marco Rubio’s Paid Family Leave Plan Could Make Matters Worse

Wall Street Journal Editorial: “One problem is that a 25% tax credit isn’t likely to make all that much difference… Smaller companies or those with narrow margins can’t afford the perk even with a 25% credit.”

As bad as Rubio’s plan is, it’s also a reminder that the other candidates have not even taken the issue seriously.

Jeb Bush opposes a federal policy guaranteeing paid family leave.

So does Carly Fiorina.

John Kasich voted against federal paid family leave. Twice.

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, And Rand Paul all voted against federal paid family leave.

By contrast, every Democrat running for president supports a federal paid family leave policy, so that American families would no longer be the only families in the developed world living without the guarantee of paid family leave.

“Don’t be fooled – Marco Rubio’s paid family leave ‘plan’ won’t help families; instead, it will increase income inequality and raise the taxes on the middle class. This is just more hot air from Republicans who are working to put more of the tax dollars earned by working families in the pockets of big businesses and the wealthy. Americans deserve a Democratic president who will put women and families first and build on the progress made by President Obama.” – DNC Spokeswoman Christina Freundlich

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