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GOP Debate Recap

Wow, what a mess. Tonight’s debate kicked off with a confused pile-up, and quickly turned into a total train wreck. Relive the magic of the GOP’s awkward candidate introductions and entrances here:

The highlight of the night was absentee Governor Chris Christie debating absentee Senator Marco Rubio.

We saw what happens when Marco Rubio gets called out for his lack of accomplishments – YIKES. Re-watch Marco Rubio repeatedly avoid the question and pivot back to the same canned lines:

Don’t worry Marco, maybe they’re not booing – maybe they’re saying “Ruuuuuuuuuuubio.”

It only got worse from there: Nobody had an answer for North Korea, or what they would do after repealing the Affordable Care Act and taking health insurance away from 19 million Americans. Trump almost got booed off the stage for his answer on eminent domain, and Ted Cruz said he would need to go to “freshman orientation” before executing his reckless foreign policy plans. His ambiguous answer on waterboarding wasn’t well received even by the audience in the hall.

Check out what the twitterverse is saying:

@joegarofoli: This is a bad sign. Oy, they can’t even get the introductions right at #GOPDebate

@CarlyFiorina: I see now why they didn’t want me on this stage. All talking points. No leadership.

@Enrique_Acevedo: 30 minutes into the debate: no substance, no ideas, no leadership. #GOPDebate

@ktumulty: So far, #gopdebate feels like a preschool where no one’s had a nap.#GOPDebate @ABC

@RosieGray: why is this debate so deeply weird?

@ktumulty: Can’t believe I’m saying this but: Waiting for @realDonaldTrump to bring some order to this debate.

@RalstonReports: So that 3-2-1 strategy by Marco was a self-destruct countdown.

@hardball_chris: Rubio repeated the same phrase – entirely – 3 times. Sounded like a broken doll. #GOPDebate

@chucktodd: That was a tough first hour for Rubio. Christie was brutal against him. So far, that’s the story.

@TeddyDavisCNN: Tonight’s Loser? Marco Rubio. Christie’s biting critique will aid rivals in depicting Rubio as “little robot boy.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNRNHgi1RzU

@ByronYork:  It’s amazing how insubstantial most questions about the Gang of Eight are.

@ezraklein: Honestly can’t believe Rubio is arguing that Islamophobia in America isn’t a problem, but anti-Christian discrimination is

@Carrasquillo: Cruz we’re going to build a wall, triple border patrol. Trump laughs. Cruz says Trump can build it! #friends

@chrishayes: Trump is openly campaigning on an explicit call for war crimes as official policy.

@shadihamid: Wow. The two top Republican candidates are explicitly pro-torture.

@SteveRattner: Jeb says Obamacare is killing jobs. The private sector hasn’t lost jobs since the law was passed in 2010. #GOPDebate

@stevebenen: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this, in any debate, ever. It’s cringe-worthy on a “Perry’s oops” level https://youtu.be/ze1CSU9A2mI

@tomamoran: On drug treatment, @GovChristie preaches on need, but it’s all fake. Cut spending. Fewer in treatment. #GOPDebate.

@julieroginsky: Fact: NJ was not lagging the region in job growth when Christie became governor. It now is. Nation, NY, PA, all doing better #GOPDebate

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